Facts of Life

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Oral sex, Sexual intercourse Pages: 4 (1473 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Facts of Life

I decided before I had children what type of parent I would be and what type of kids I would have. Then I had kids and it was not so easy to be that mom I had planned to be and my kids, well let’s just say they were normal and not the perfect angels I had imagined. As they got older I learned to pick and choose my battles, let little things go and take no prisoners on the bigger issues. One item I decided not to compromise on is who tells my kids about the facts of life. The choice we make as parents, on who gives our children the facts about sex can have lifelong effects on many people.

Sigmund Freud theorized that adults prefer to think of children as pure, innocent and confused when it comes to their sexuality. Educators view children as asexual and only chose to teach reproduction information. Yet Freud continued to claim that children have continued to refuse, through their actions, to live up to the pretense of innocence. Through all the attempts of the adults to hide, deny and repress the facts children or teenagers have a copious sexual life (Mercer, 2003).

I personally like the idea of the school system teaching my children the biology of sex education and the process of puberty and sexual reproduction. It is not the job of a teacher that I met at parent’s night to teach my child when it is and is not appropriate to have sex. The moral issues that I want my child to associate with this very serious issue that carries consequences that last a lifetime.

Nelson, page 2
This is not something I wish my child to learn in a classroom, when in the presents of his peers. What about the questions he may be too embarrassed to ask or the comment his friend might add? I need to talk to my child about sex, to explain the morals, the values, and the feelings that should be associated with the act. I need to explain the consequences and responsibilities that also need to be learned and to answer all the...
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