Facts About Life

Topics: Happiness Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: April 28, 2014
As a teenager, life is in both joy and pain. Experiencing all the adventures life could offer. Exploring different things to be able to be aware of all the unnecessary things I haven't discover. Enjoying to the fullest.

Sooner, I learned that time must be valued, for it cannot be repeated, rewind or pause. Make every minute a memorable one. Make seconds worth remembering. Live each day as there's no tomorrow. Laugh. Cry. Be Crazy, if you want to. Don't hesitate, don't be afraid. Don't let fear lives in your heart. So that, when you grow old, you'll never regret things you didn't experienced. You'll never asked yourself the "what if's". 

Better days, rainy days are part of a month. Meaning happiness and bitterness is part of life. 

Now, as I realized. You can't have all the things that you want. Before, I have a happy relationship, a group of friends but a broken family with no money to spend each day. Today, I already finished studying at a very young age, with a stable job, with a salary on my own, with a complete family and true friends but don't have a relationship towards opposite sex. Happiness is still there, but there is still a space intended for the happiness from someone. 

Then, I think. Yeah! You can't have both world. There are things that will not be given to you today because God didn't want to. Not that he wants you to suffer but because he knows it is not the right time for it.

Waiting is the answer. Praying is the way. Contentment is the key. 

Live. Laugh. Love.
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