Factory Workers

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The Industrial Revolution was a major achievement in history. The Industrial Revolution began in the 18th century; people started understanding things better and new inventions that made life easier were made. Inventors started using natural resources such as coal and iron to make factory machines. The machines in factories made the production of products faster so they could be sold more rapidly. There were many different people who worked in factories, among the people who were working in factories were women and young children; this became a major milestone. The effects that the Industrial Revolution had on women and young children were good and bad. Some good effects the Industrial Revolution had on women were that they had an option as to where they wanted to work, which was on the farm or in the factories. According to Doc. 4 some women preferred working in factories because they had more freedom, “We are much freer working in the factory and less under the domination of the men of the family than we would ever have been on the farm.” Good effects the children had on The Industrial Revolution was that they helped with the production of goods which made the society richer. Some children even liked working in factories like the boy in Doc. 8. “…He’s not much tired with the work; it’s only the confinement that tires him. He likes it pretty well. The children helped support their families with the low wages of money they brought home. Bad effects the industrial had on women in the 19th century was that they were being paid less than men for doing the same job, they worked 12 hour shifts and still were expected to cook and clean when they got home. According to Doc. 9, some women were doing the same jobs as men and were getting paid less than half of the male’s...
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