Factory Farming

Topics: Livestock, Chicken, Agriculture Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Critical Analysis of Debra Probert’s “Down on the Factory Farm: It’s a Life Sentence for Animals”
In her article “Down on the Factory Farm: It’s a Life Sentence for Animals,” Debra Probert argues that readers should consider becoming vegetarians in response to the abuse of animals on factory farms. In her article, published in Alive: Canadian Journal of Health and Nutrition, Probert describes conditions that a variety of animals endure on factory farms. Her goal is to convince readers of the abuse that animals endure on factory farms and to argue for a decrease or cessation of meat eating by the public. In this article Probert presents information to prove that factory farms are indeed as atrocious as she claims. Although Probert has a very good argument and emotional appeal when visualizing the conditions these animals are subjected to, she does not give any references to ensure that what the readers are reading is indeed accurate, and she lacks the experience and credentials to support the claims. Probert give details to show readers the truth about factory farming. In Probert's article she discuss how chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows are treated unjust while being kept in factory farms. These animals live less than standard conditions. Probert discusses two types of chicken that are found in these factory farms. The first type of chicken is called broilers. These chickens are the meat chicken and are kept in indoor sheds and considered to be free run. Although these chickens are not chained. Probert claims that they are kept in large numbers without much room to run. Not having space to run results in many problems. Battery hens lay eggs and are kept in cages that are as big as the size of a paper. The cages are too small to even move and this has an effect on the chickens. Turkeys are another animal that Probert identifies as being treated unfairly on the factory Farms. Turkeys are bred for their large breasts. As a result of these...

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