Factors to consider while designing a house

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Location ~
There is an old realtor's joke that goes: "What are the three most important things to consider when building or buy a house?" The answer is, "Location, location, and location!" It's certainly true, location is the most important consideration. Though remodels, additions, redecoration, or anything else can be fixed, but location is the one thing that one can't change. So we have been sure to choose wisely.

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Budget ~
We have to been careful not to buy more land than we can afford. We even consulted with a loan officer and financial consultant to understand things like compound interest and adjustable rates. We kept in mind that it's better to go a little conservative, in case our income doesn't rise as quickly as our home loan's interest might. Single Purpose Rooms ~

We have thought about the other rooms our new house might need according to what our personalised lifestyle requires, and made sure they're written into our build plan. The View ~
Just important as what our new home's inside will look like, is what we will see when we look out. We made sure we're not locating our windows where they'll be overlooking an alley, or staring into our new neighbour's bathroom window. The architect kept in mind that there is a vacant lot next to ours (which in not uncommon if one is building in a new development) and therefore our view may change. Outside Structures ~

While we wanted to wait some time after the house's completion to build these, the architect thought it best to have them in mind from the start, because our neighbourhood had zoning rules about how close to the edge of the property we could build.

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Landscaping ~
Part of our budget was for landscaping, (Because we didn’t want our yard to have that "post-construction" look). We even talked to an expert at our local lawn and garden centre about what kinds of plants will thrive in the area.

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Building ventilation is necessary for providing...
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