Factors That Project Company Culture

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Reviewing the Facts
BUSN 258
Craig Lawson

Chapter 2: question 8, page 35 (Reviewing the Facts section) What are some factors (patterns of behavior) that project a company’s culture? List several examples from organizations you work in.
Factors that project a company’s culture include patterns of behaviors through the company’s employees. “Culture is a composite of many factors that project the shared values of the people who work there. The culture can strengthen and reinforce individual behaviors and individual behaviors reinforce the culture (Timm 2013 p.21)”. These positive behaviors are expressed through the employee’s customer service. For businesses, customer loyalty and retention are most important. To retain these things, employees would greet customers, converse with them through small, listen, etc. These simple techniques are what give a company its culture.

The company’s behavior patterns establish its culture and may be perceived as favorable or unfavorable by customers and employees. It has been found the organizational leaders model the kinds of behaviors the company accepts or desires. “The ways managers and leaders interact with subordinates and associates will have considerable impact on the way all employees behave toward customers (Timm 2013 p.35)”. If managers and owners take the time to make the job an exciting and pleasant experience, the employees in turn, will make the visit for customers exciting and pleasant. Company culture and positive behaviors can be created through company parties, breakfast meetings, and holiday celebrations. This unifies companies, employers, and employees to learn more about each other through pleasant experiences. It also allows employees to learn and understand the company’s expectations. While working for Papa John’s, I made it fun and inviting place for both employees and customers. We decorated the store according to the holiday season and we held company...

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