Factors that Make Megastar Media Cineplex System Successful

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A Discussion about the factors that make Megastar Media Cineplex successful


Megastar Cineplex is one of the most famous multiplex cinema chains in Vietnam. In recently years, movie-going is more and more familiar with Vietnamese people and Megastar is among popular cinema systems .The objective of this study was to find out the factors making Megastar Cineplex system successful. To collect data we will send questionnaire form to 60 guests coming to Megastar cinemas on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, ask them to fill the form and collect questionnaires; besides, we will interview the Cinema Manager (or Assistant Cinema Manager), and observe the staff on duty. Based on the details with the proportion which is worked out from questionnaires, we will conclude the factors leading Megastar Media to succeed .Moreover, the result of this study maybe useful and will provide valuable information help cinema businesses refer to improve their system.

The factors that make Megastar Media Cineplex system successful – A discussion
Nowaday, our social is developing, people’s leisure needs become higher and higher. Going to the cinema is one of indispensable entertainments in most people’s life. Many modern cineplexes in the world are built and operated in recent years. Not only in the world, cinema market in Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular has the competition between foreign enterprises and domestic enterprises. Compared to other domestic enterprises, Megastar Media Cineplex is considered to have outstanding.

Opened on September 2007, Megastar is the first cinema in Ho Chi Minh City. Megastar Cineplex Hung Vuong Plaza attracted nearly million visitors in 2008. This is one of cinemas that achieve the first international standard in Vietnam; and it is also the only cinema that has branches in major cities throughout the country such as Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Bien Hoa, and Hai Phong. Especially, in Ho Chi Minh City, there are three Megastar cinemas systems: Megastar CT Plaza, Tan Binh District, Megastar Cineplex Hung Vuong Plaza, District 5 and Megastar Parkson Paragon, District 7. All of them are modern cinemas with the high price providing high class’s services. Despite that high price, Megastar Cineplex still attracts many customers. Probably, there is a question that what factors that make Megastar Cineplex system successful in Vietnam are.

According to many experts (2010, October, para.4), some necessary elements to the success of the venture could include: location of the Cineplex would be built within a trade center with all entertainment areas, food malls and inside area of the Cineplex has also to be fairly extensive; there is all modern equipment; they allways update the latest movies and have many promotions for customers; staffs have to professional skills. Actually, Megastar Cineplex is easily accessible and they bring a lot of convenience to customer.Customer can enjoy films with modern and comfortable seating system. Besides, Megastar combines many activities such as entertainment, shopping, dining…in the same area. Megastar is the ideal cinema to satisfy people’s leisure needs.

Firstly, the location to build a modern cinema is considered to turnover decision of investors. Accordingly, the position of cinema must be located in the central district, crowed population with the convenient transportation. According to Lyons (2008, January, para.3):

Of course, location is not a nuance that is exclusive to any one particular business. When it comes to operating a business, location is everything. Of course, like most cliches it is 100% accurate as well. For many businesses, location truly is everything. After all, location is often what drives...

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