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Design leaflet or fact sheet that explains the effect of four factors that can influence the health and everyday needs of individuals in society.

Bad Living conditions.

Living conditions can affect your physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs depending on the places that you are living in or the quality of life you lead. Every human is affected differently depending on age or sex. We need to remember that environment that we are living in can have one of the biggest effects on a person for the rest of their life.

Bad conditions in any home such as cold, damp or mould can exacerbate or even speed up various symptoms
and illness such as asthma and eczema, or can lead to strokes or a heart attack. As levels of dampness increase, our basic physical needs get worse. We need to remember that our home is our shelter, but we cannot feel safe and comfortable if conditions that we live in are not pleasant.

If the house’s humidity process of losing heat is rapid in the winter time you will have to heat the property longer to feel warm and comfortable. In this kind of environment food can get mouldy quicker and doesn’t stay fresh for long time, so we need to remember to keep it for short time and consume while in good condition.

Sometimes bad living conditions can make nights sleepless. This situation, if constant can lead to exhausting your body, which can cause severe sickness, but also can lead to depression. You’re learning progress and ability to gain new skills are also affected, as you can’t concentrate on goals that you set for yourself.

Emotionally you can be in deep depth as well as your physical needs. If you do not feel comfortable in the environment you live in, you cannot build new friendships, as feelings of embarrassment will leading this case. The level of self-conception is poor. How you can feel good, if your background is not really satisfying you? Feelings of being afraid to belong to any of social group are natural, as nobody wants to feel stressed about inviting someone to their home if you know that condition you live in is bad and can scare others. Humidity and a mouldy house can make your clothes smell horrible even if you don’t feel that by yourself, as you live in this condition, other people can smell it.

Living conditions can influence on your social needs like a relationship and family. That can cause constant arguing between couples and lead to separation or divorce.

Sensory impairment – blindness

Physical – as blind person your home needs to be adapted to your condition to be comfortable and functional at the same time. You need to feel safe and be safe in your own property. That is why it is very important for a blind person to have someone to assist them on daily basis. Very often it happens that blind people can move around and are using a white stick or have trained dog to help them move around town or even your own house. It is important not to change home decor frequently as a blind person usually remembers where things are and to float around the house by using memory.

Being visually impaired can be really hard especially if you lost your vision in an accident or sickness. You may feel unsafe in your own home as physical comfort been disrupted. Your ability to move is limited, even if you feel like you want to prepare a meal for yourself, you need constant supervision from somebody to help you, and make sure you will not leave gas cooker switched on.

Visually impaired people, to read, use a special language called Braille. By using this form of communication they are able to read and follow instructions easily.

Blind people learn by using books written in Braille or by listening to recorded information on CD’s or MP3 players etc. Visual impairment is not a barrier to learn or achieve anything in life. It is enough if you ‘want to’...
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