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Factors That Influence Teen Violence

Oct 08, 1999 388 Words
In today's society, the teenage population has experienced an increase in violence. Teens face many situations that cause these problems. Several factors are mass media, peer pressure, and society's view on the "perfect" person. <br><br>Television, radio, and news papers are all ways of transferring messages to people. One might see a violent movie and decide to re-enact the scenes thus causing harm to one's self or to others. Hidden meanings of racism and hate are put into music. Teens hear the words of their supposed role models and think it is OK to follow in their foot steps. When reading of such violent acts as the Oklahoma City bombing or the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman, it is taken to most that anyone can get away with crime. <br><br>Peer pressure is another big factor. Teenagers rely a great deal upon their peers for guidance and support. Sometimes this is the wrong path to take. Friendship is a word that is thrown around a little too loosely now days. Teens let their "friends" talk them into doing things that they would not normally do. Drugs and theft are brought into these relationships also. Today's youth must learn to be leaders, not followers.<br><br>Society can often be a harsh world to live in for a teen. To be considered "in" you must fit the role of the "perfect person." As young adults, teens are trying to find themselves. They look toward celebrities and leaders for a goal. They try to buy the right clothes, wear the nicest shoes, and be present at all the social events. To fit in, some are pushed to the edge. If you are caught in a dark alley at the wrong time, you might be killed just for your name brand shoes. Competition among fellow teens leads to jealousy and jealousy leads to violent acts.<br><br>Teenagers who follow their own morals and good judgment will find that they will be in less troublesome situations. Learning not to believe everything they see and hear will help to come to reality with this ever changing world. Self esteem and confidence in one's self are very attractive qualities to possess. Violence will lessen as teens become more alert and smarter.

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