Factors That Encouraged Growth In Suburbia Canada

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Factors that Encouraged Growth in Suburbia Canada
Kim Stevenson / 1110690
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Professor: James Wood
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June 20th 2014

Factors that Encouraged Growth in Suburbia Canada
With the readings that we went through over the past eleven weeks there has been a number of interesting thoughts ideas and findings about what life was like back in the early days. People do not really think about what it was like back in the early 1900’s to mid-1900. People in today’s generation or society think the way it is today, is the way it always has been. By reading “Reckless - Walking and “Home Dreams” it has provided thoughts and images of how it really was. With people, crowding in to metro areas living in less than desirable conditions and the normal was the whole family is out making sure the family including children are helping support to make ends meet and maintain average living conditions.

The political economy of this industrial era was marked by the emergence of industrial capitalism and its industrial working class. The extent and nature of urban development was dependent on major improvements in the technological capacity of Canada. Engineering was systematically applied to transportation methods for the setup of roads. The outstanding physical characteristics of cities were the enormous spatial expansion of the suburbs. The distance of suburbs became noticeably farther. What once was a finish point was now a mid-point and the stopping- point would be much farther. The changing scale of development affected the social landscape of cities. The automobile was an economic orientation way for industry to service functions, and spatial decentralization of population and activities.

With the growth of suburbia it was deemed in the “House of Dreams” that ‘cities are not as racial divided as those of the US nor is the suburban areas as homogeneous as many American cities. The growth of suburban life from “1945 to 1960 was...

References: The Automobile Revolution and the Shaping of the Modern Urban Canada to 1930
Stephen Davies
Veronica Strong-Boag “Home Dreams: Women and the Suburban Experiment in Canada, 1945 60”
Canadian Historical Review 72, no 4 (Dec 1991) 471 – 504
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