Factors that Determine Success in School

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Factors that determine your success in school
1.Social relationships
2.Stress levels
4.Emotional Intelligence

Social relationships
*Friendships may play a bigger role than you realize in your academic performance.

I. Kdg. On/social relationships play a big part in how well and how much u learn. •Make sure you are choosing your friends wisely!
One study found that strong kdg. Friendships reduced the amount of behavioral problems •Those hang around children with bad behavior tend to emulate bad behavior. Stress levels
*stress can be a motivatior to get things done, it can also be an impediment to high academic performance.

How to reduce stress levels.
1.Manage time wisely.
2.Get organized
3.Create a good study environment
4.Know your learning style
5.Practice Visualizations
6.Develop Optimism
7.Get enough Sleep
8.Use Stress Management Techniques
9.Learn study skills

Enough time
Set up a schedule
Break up your studies into small chunks.
Be aware of your attention span i.e., age

Peace of mind if u r organized.
Colored coded folders
Note taking
Mental clutter brings disorganization

Aromatherapy (peppermint oil)
Classical music

4. we all don’t learn In the same way.
Visual, Kinesthetic or auditory learner
5. Imagery/proven stress management techniques.
Imagine yourself achieving
Positive thinking

6. Optimist; more easily shrug off failures and multiply successes. Intrinsic self esteem

7. Sleep: higher performance w/enough sleep. Little sleep, students will miss valuable information, poor memory, poor performance. Power naps.

8. Stress; breathing techniques

9. Study Skills; outlining, highlighting, repetition, study buddy. The more prepared u are the less stress

*Might be dangerous for cats, but essential for students who want to succeed in school.

50,000 students were studied; curiosity was > of an impact than expected traits like ;hard work and conscientiousness.

Always embrace new ideas and try new things.

Emotional Intelligence
Blank sheet of paper: draw a line down the center. One side label Feelings •Left side: list as many of the feelings you can remember that you have had today. •Leave spaces between words
One minute for writing feeling words.
Label the other side Behaviors
Pick a positive feeling you wrote.
Opposite to that feeling write what you remember you did in response to that feeling; ex., laughed, said thanks, ect. •Pick one feeling that was not pleasant and write down what u did. •Pick out the feeling that made u most uncomfortable and write down what u did.

U can see how our behaviors are connected to our feelings.
We all respond to feelings, but not in the same way.
Feelings flow from our emotions.

Emotions generate our feelings and our feelings are messages that tell us that we are experiencing an emotional event.

What we do in response to these feelings is a measure of our emotional intelligence.

* Help children to channel their feelings into positive behaviors and to develop self control.

What do children need to learn first?
Numbers? ABC’s?

*As it turns out, What children need to develop is their social intelligence and emotional intelligence, essential building blocks for all future learning.

The ability to communicate well; to delay gratification

Be in tune to another’s feelings and point of view.

To think before speaking; consider how your response will affect another.

How to problem solve.

Emotional Intelligence is linked to’
1.improved academic performance
2.avoiding risk behaviors
3.stronger friendships
4.decrease in violent behavior
5. staying in school - higher graduation rates.
6.less disruptive behavior; fewer discipline problems
7.improved health, happiness and life success....
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