Factors That Contribute to Equality of Individuals in

Topics: Discrimination, Disability, Gender Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Social factors that contribute to a diverse and equal society in which we live in Ethnicity: ethnicity defines people and groups who share characteristic such as language, religion, dress, and origin. Discrimination can happen when people consider the ethnic characteristics of other people inferior to their own. Faith: faith gives people spiritual beliefs and in influences their cultural traditions and what they celebrate. Discrimination can happen when people assume that their beliefs and practices based on their faith are the rights ones and that everyone should believe in and so the same as them Culture: the language we speak, the food we eat, our dress code, out behaviour and put lifestyle are all part of our culture. Our culture includes the things which make one group different and distinctive from another. It is a very important part of our identity, but people can be discriminated against because of the culture they follow. Gender: we are all born with a gender; we are classified at birth as either a male or female. It has always been assumed though history that man were more important than women and that they should have more rights them women, but it’s improved. There is still assumptions made about a person’s gender that can lead to discriminations taking place, for example people may assume that men should be the ones out working and making the money, and women should be at home looking after the children. Sexuality: we all have our own sexuality, and many people see their sexuality as a very important part of their identity and who they are. Age: age is an important factor in today’s society, for example, you cannot drive until you are a certain age or vote or get married. People are identified by their age; babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults, ‘old people’. Sometimes some age groups are seen as better than others, some age groups can also be discriminated against. Family structure: people live in many different and varied families and friendship...
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