Factors That Affect Study Habit

Topics: Education, Homework, Learning Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: March 6, 2013
The Factors that Affect the Study Habits of Third Year Students of Holy Family School of Quezon City during the School Year
2012 – 2013

Chapter I
(The Problem and its Background)

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Jean Louise Aguilar
Tanya Justine Alawi
Kiana Iris Bigornia
Ysa Kassandra Dalao
Eunice Ingrid Ongpin
Jeannine Aina Salazar

Chapter I


A child – as early as the age of three – is exposed to the world, with school as one of the stepping stones to a bright and successful future. In here, we learn how to tackle the impending problems we may encounter later on in life. Our teachers help us learn the basics – our ABC’s and 123’s – as many of the educators did before, centuries back. Until now, they continue to give every bit of information they see needed by their pupils. The students reciprocate through studying, preparing for the quizzes and exams, and participating actively in class and other activities. Studying may seem like a piece of cake if you’re in kindergarten, but as you are promoted a year level higher, the lessons become more tricky and a bit confusing to some. There are those who excel in most subjects, those who do well in some and others who easily give up when the going gets tough. How the school work will be done is up to the student, hence the study habits. But what keeps a student motivated to keep studying to get good marks? What hinders them from getting that extra credit? In this study, we aim to identify the possible factors that affect the study habits of third year students in Holy Family School of Quezon City in the school year 2012 – 2013. Being students, we have experience regarding this topic. From years of experience, you can say that by now, we have become expert procrastinators. We believe that there are certain things that affect a student’s study habits. At the end of this research, we intend to inform our readers – pupils, parents...
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