Factors Promoting The Development Of Pe

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Factors promoting the development of peasantry of the free villages in the West Indies
1. Some free citizens squatted on crown lands that were located far from the authorities. This made it difficult for those individuals to be brought to justice.
2. Some free citizens subjected themselves to the teantry system.
3. Some free citizens pooled their financial resources together to purchase whole estates which was later sub-divided into smaller plots and distributed to those who had invested their money.
4. Many free citizens’ received help from missionary organizations who purchased estate and sold them at a reasonable rate to free citizens. Some Baptist ministers also helped the free citizens to negotiate with estate owners.
List the names of free villages in Jamaica

5. In Trinidad where free peasant communities were established were Arima, Aruka, Rambert, & Victoria. In British Guiana include Baraokca, Calcutta, Madrass, Malabar and silia
Contribution of peasantry to society
1. The development of peasantry in the eastern Caribbean helped to change the pure plantation economy which was based on growing just one just one crop to a more diverse economy. They grew ground provision, burning charcoal, rearing animals.
2. Peasantry in the Caribbean contributed to the money earned by the region. This was done through the export of some products such as cotton, cocoa, sugar, rum, coffee, arrowroot, lime juice, coconut. For example in Jamaica the value of trade in ground provision increased to £577 in 1874 to £16,000,000 in 1887.
3. Peasantry helped Caribbean citizens to reduce their dependency on imported food as they grew food for local markets as well as their families.
4. Many peasant farmers used the cash earned from peasantry to improve their social status & became prominent individuals within their society.
Impact of free villages in the Caribbean
1. It reduced the amount of labourers available to work in the plantations.
2. Free villages promoted cultural

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