Factors of Suburbanisation

Topics: Suburb, Congestion pricing, City Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Outline the factors that help explain the process of suburbanisation (15 marks)
Suburbanisation is the movement of people from living in the inner parts of a city to living in the outer edges. It has resulted in the outward growth of urban development that has engulfed surrounding villages and rural areas. There are many factors which help explain why the process of suburbanisation is continuing to take place all around the world today, many of which I will be outlining in this essay. Firstly, the most crucial factor contributing to suburbanisation would have to be the on-going growth of public transport systems and the increased use of the private car. The presence of railway lines, arterial roads and private cars enable commuters to live reasonably far distances from their place of work, so it’s just not necessary to live in the inner-city when it is so accessible. Not only this, but technology has, and still is, developing at a very fast rate. This is allowing people to do something they haven’t been able to do in the past; work from home. Working from home means that, providing you have access to the Internet, there’s no need for you to be in the inner-city, which is a good reason to move out to the suburbs. Despite living so close to work in the inner-city, people would rather pay to use transport and live in the outer edges of a city. This is due to several push and pull factors which encourage the process of suburbanisation to take place. One of the main reasons for wanting to leave the inner-city is the pollution; whether it is air, noise or even radio-activity, pollution is a huge push factor which persuades people to want to migrate elsewhere. Another major factor is the high housing prices. With banks and insurance companies denying mortgage loans and instead offering lower rates in suburban areas, people simply can’t afford to live in the inner-city. Despite this, inner-cities are still very populous areas. Due to this high population...
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