Factors of Poor Academic Performances by Students

Topics: Drug addiction, Alcoholism, Addiction Pages: 7 (2149 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Reasons may vary on why most students have poor academic performance. Is it because of biceps such as smoking, drinking alcohol or even taking unnecessary drugs or is it because of peers? Peers which forces or influences you on how you are going to react and participate on class discussions or participations.

Other reason could be: that particular student is a working student that instead of focusing only on his/her studies he/she would also make time and effort on his/her job duty. With this he/she would not be able to find enough time on his/her studies. This could also divide his focus during examination days, on which he/she will prioritize.

Substance abuse is a deadly and costly issue that not only impacts a student’s academic performance, but their health and family as well. Drug abuse includes addictions to alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs. Substance abuse by family members of students also impacts a student’s academic, financial and social life. The effects of drug abuse are far-reaching and substantial.

Drug abuse has multiple negative effects on a student's academics. From continual absences to poor grades, using illicit drugs and alcohol can cause damaging academic problems that are difficult to recover from. Drug use can also cause mental and cognitive impairments that make it difficult for students to succeed in school.

The emotional toll that substance abuse takes on students -- and family members of students with substance abuse problems -- is large. Students who abuse drugs often experience mood swings, depression or have underlying psychological issues. These issues can be compounded by other issues in a student’s life. Often, family members and peers are negatively impacted by the emotional issues of a student who abuses drugs.

Smoking is viewed, by some students, as a way to socialize and take study breaks. Smoking is also correlated with alcohol use among college students. This is significant because alcohol use is highly prevalent among college students. Smoking is perceived by college students to aid in social interactions, particularly with potential mates i.e. members of the opposite sex. Tobacco companies use this conception in their advertising. Companies produce ads depicting sexual images of men and women. Smoking after drinking is seen as a method of reorientation and an attempt to reduce feelings of inebriation, though smoking will not reduce blood alcohol levels. College students view smoking while drinking as a more acceptable practice relative to smoking while sober. Students who smoke while inebriated feel less judged by their peers. The most effective public health interventions that aim to reduce cigarette smoking among college students target both alcohol and nicotine use. Studies have shown that there are social differences in the smoking behaviors of males and females in college. In a 2006 study, qualitative analysis data showed that males and females have certain perceptions of their sex or the opposite sex smoking. From both male and female students’ perspectives, there were negative feelings towards women smoking and it was considered “unlady like”. However, if men were smoking, the perception was positive, and they were considered cool or gave off a tough-guy image. In addition to drinking alcohol at parties, male students appeared in control if they had a cigarette in the other hand. Even though there were negative perceptions of female students smoking, smoking at parties is considered more of a female behavior rather than a male behavior. Despite negative perceptions of females smoking, students thought that when females smoke in groups of girlfriends it wasn’t trashy. Rather, when female students smoked in groups of girlfriends it appeared as though individual’s smoking habits were regulated by the group, instead of the individual’s dependence on nicotine. These perceived gender differences are inextricably linked with social environments where...
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