Factors of Businesses to Exploit People for Labour in Malaysia

Topics: Human migration, Foreign worker, International Labour Organization Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Factors of Businesses to Exploit People for Labour in Malaysia

Malaysia has been gradually increased in reliance on foreign labours since early 21st century, whereby it is estimated to account 17% of Malaysia's workforce in 2008. However, the figure does not considers illegal labours that being estimated to be twice of registered migrant workers that are being exploited under human trafficking. These enormous amounts of labour force are mostly unskilled labours that work in manufacturing, agriculture, construction and plantation sectors. They came from less developed countries in search of better job opportunities. Statistic has shown that the large demand on foreign labours within Malaysia induced individual businesses and large organized crime syndicates to traffic foreign labours. There are few reasons that migrants are being trafficked into Malaysia illegally.

Currently there are about 700,000 foreign workers in the manufacturing sector,” says International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed at a media briefing after the launch of Malaysia’s Productivity Corporation’s (MPC) Productivity Report 2011/2012. Firstly, rapid developments countries requires large amount of workforce to facilitate the productivity efficiently. Labour-intensive industries taken up a large portion of GDP as Malaysia are an industrial based country.

Businesses needs to increase productivity and the challenge is the large number of foreign workers, foreign unskilled workers are cheap cost labours that provide similar services with far lower cost. The payroll of an individual is estimated less than the newly imposed minimum wage of RM900 per month, whereby it represents the lowest income level. Employer would provide minimal or none of the employee benefits as they are not liable to provide extra benefits for them. The purpose is to minimise the costs incurred in the payroll so that the company could gain more profits.

Besides that, increase in literacy...
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