Factors Influencing Person Mate Selection

Pages: 2 (427 words) / Published: Sep 21st, 2016
When selecting a mate many factors influence a persons mate selection. Factors can change when considering culture, generations, gender, and more. There are an unlimited amount of factors to consider. Some factors include the following, attractiveness, personality characteristics, proximity, job/occupation stability, similar hobbies, education, desire for home/children, similar religion, and many more. When selecting a mate there are many resources to help you and even more today than in the past. You can typically meet potential mates through school, sports, clubs, the work environment, etc. Newer resources are predominantly through social media and the Internet. Social media resources include facebook, twitter, instagram, and snapchat, with more social media networks coming out everyday. Along with social media networks, in recent years online dating websites and apps have been introduced. Some common ones include, Match.com, eharmony.com, christianmingle.com, Tinder, Bumble, and many others. Today we have many more resources than in the past thanks to the rise of technology and the Internet. …show more content…
The baby boom refers to post WWII when the rate of annual births were extremely high as many people looked forward to having children postwar. They had some similar resources such as meeting at school, in the work force, and through social events, however, all the online resources were not available. Typically dating was much more formal during the baby boomer era. There was much more face to face contact than all the texting we do today. Mate selection could have been more dependent on family history and how much money someone came from. Lastly there were fewer options for women as there was a shortage of men after

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