factors influencing job satisfaction

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"This is new and it is also very old. We have come from the tyranny of enormous, awesome, discordant machine back to a realization that the beginning and the end are man- that it is man who accounts for growth, not just dollars of factories. Above all it is man who is the object of all our efforts." - Pablo Casals

The importance of human factor in any type of endeavor cannot be overemphasized. It's a matter of common knowledge that every business organization depends for its effective functioning on its pool of able and willing human resources. It is men alone who with his ability to feel, think, conceive and grow shows satisfaction or dissatisfaction, resentment or pleasure, resistance or acceptance for all types of managerial actions. It is the only resource, which appreciates in value with the passage of time. Thus Human Resource Management is a process bringing people and organization together so that the goals of each are met. Hoppock brought the concept of the job satisfaction to time light in the year 1935. He reviewed 32 studies on job satisfaction conducted prior to 1993 and observed that job satisfaction is a combination of psychological, physiological and environment circumstances that cause a person to say "I am satisfied with my job". Such a description indicates a variety of various that influences the satisfaction of the individual but tell or nothing about the nature of job satisfaction. Human wants are endless and innumerable there is rarely that people who have thorough satisfaction in their job. Due to the increasing demand of the modern methods of production satisfaction in work is becoming a difficult phenomenon. Satisfaction of workers is an important factor determining organizational efficiency. This is because human beings play a significant role in an organization. Job Satisfaction is the driving power, which carries out plans of the management through the enthusiasm of the group.

Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction
1. Age
Age has little relationship to Job Satisfaction for all employees, but plays a vital role in some Job Satisfaction. Some times it's found that Job Satisfaction is higher with increasing age and at times it found to be low. Some times there will be no difference. 2. Time on job

Job Satisfaction seems to be relatively high at the start and drop slowly in between in certain cases tense to risk when more time in spend on the job. 3. Intelligence
There is a positive relationship of intelligence to Job Satisfaction it depends on the level of range of intelligence and the challenge of the job. 4. Education
Education seems to play a vital role on influencing Job Satisfaction to a great extent is many of organizations people who have not completed high school. Tend to be more satisfied than those who are educated. 5. Personality

Personality may be considered on of the major causes of Job dissatisfaction this may be when the job is of greater strain. Job Satisfaction is seems to be more among persons with high interpersonal relationship. 6. Skill

Skills is relation to Job Satisfaction has bearing on several other factors like the kind of work, occupational status, responsibility, where their is skill to a considerable degree it finds to came as first source of workman. Satisfaction in condition of work is in wages become predominant only where satisfaction is skills has materially decreased. 7. Responsibility

Responsibility is usually connected with several other important determinants Job Satisfaction in a way that makes it difficult o f determines. This relative contribution of each of Job Satisfaction responsibility usually goes with time on the job, age, salary, type of work and participation and it may have some interesting.

8. Employees attitudes
This is a social factor in Job Satisfaction every worker would like to express his problems and he would like his problems to be solved be the management. Understanding of employee's attitudes...

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