Factors Influencing Aggression

Topics: Instinct, Psychology, Konrad Lorenz Pages: 4 (1232 words) Published: May 5, 2009
Factors Influencing Aggression There is not one explanation commonly agreed upon the cause of aggression. Many psychologists have proposed theories to explain aggression, but not all of these are strongly supported by scientific evidence. Most theories are organised into four categories explaining aggression: 1. aggression has a biological basis and is, at least partly, inborn 2. aggressionhas a social basis and occurs as a response to frustration 3. factorsin the environment can trigger aggressive behaviour 4. aggression is learned in behaviour Biological basis of aggression Psychologists have conducted studies on the relationship between the body and behaviour and have developed theories to explain aggression. Biological influences on aggression can occur from genetics, through the brain and its nervous system, biochemically (as a result of the various chemical substances in the body). Both natural chemicals, such as hormones, and chemicals that are ingested, such as alcohol and other intoxicants, can affect the parts of the brain that control aggression. Instinct theory instinctive behaviours are innate behaviours. This means we are born with them we don’t learn them. For example, sleeping, breathing, blinking, etc. The deaths of many soldiers during World War 1,prompted Austrian medical practitioner Sigmund Freud (1920) to theorise about human characteristics that might explain such widespread bloodshed. Freud concludes that humans are naturally likely to harm others. Freud proposes that aggression is one of many other basic instincts that are unavoidable. He also proposes that aggression builds up over time and should be released at some point. He states that when people get aggressive they release their urge out on someone else or themselves. Freud suggested that sometimes we are able to suppress our aggression, because we have other survival instincts and when those other instincts are present we are able keep our aggressive urges under control....
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