Factors in Which Students Choose a College

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Factors that should be considered when selecting a college

One of the most important decisions facing students wanting

higher education is selecting a college. Selecting a

college is a systematic process involving critical factors

where some factors out weigh others. When making big

decision’s it is also important to involve family members

because they will also be affected by your choice. Before

you explore and compare different schools. First decide

what you are looking for in a school. Ask your family to do

the same thing. Then compare your answers and try to figure

if you have found the things you were looking for in a

school. Selecting a college has lasting effects: what

students become four years later is influenced by which

college they have selected (THE INSIDER’S GUIDE, 1981).

When selecting a college you need to decide what aspects of

choosing a college are important to you and choose based on

that decision. A good beginning in selecting a college is

to make a list of objectives, both educational and

personal. The more you learn about each school the more

your ideal decision may be affected. Some of the major

factors is choosing a college, the cost of the education,

and the weight of the academics. The process can be over

whelming but you will gain experience and confidence.

For many students, location is an important criterion

for selecting colleges. Many decide to go to college in a

different region of the country from where they grew up.

Think about how close you want to be to you home setting –

do you want to make it home for Sunday dinners with your

family and have someone there to do laundry for you – or do

you want to be further away, with fewer trips home? A

strict adherence to a specific geographic location can

severely limit you college choices. When the class was

assigned the research and interview most students stated

they loved being at the school due to being a historically

HBCU. There are many other factors in choosing a College

such as Texas Southern University including open enrollment

in which student can be permitted without the Sat or Act

scores. It may be advisable to select colleges beyond

geographic location you currently favor because preferences

can change, especially once you start visiting colleges.

Information about personal expenses, tuition and fees

are considerable for students’ applying to Universities in

the United States. A college education is an investment

that pays off. Often times, because it seems far off in the

future, little thought is given as to how to save and plan

financially for a college education., however, it is much

easier to save while the child is growing up and pay for

college as the expenses are incurred, out of income (rauf, 2006). If

you’ll be working toward a bachelor’s degree, you might

consider starting at a two – year community college and the
transferring to a four- year school. Community colleges are

usually less expensive than four – year schools. Because

attending a community college allows you to live at home,

you can save money on room and board. You can work part –

time to pay off part of your costs. And your school

schedule won’t conflict and that saves enough time for

studying. You or your parents might also qualify for an

income tax credit.

Most college in the United States has multiple areas

of academic focus. You d not need to know exactly what

you want to do for the rest of you life right. However, you

may want to give some consideration to the types of classes

you might enjoy. Students should find out what is realistic

for them in the academic abilities and look for a school

that matches them. Before a student invest time and money

in applying to a school, he or she should find out the...
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