Factors Contributing to the Performance of Grade Six Students in Jamaica

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, School, Primary school Pages: 3 (676 words) Published: October 21, 2010

Context of the problem: The Jamaican society is filled with a number of illiterate people. Based on a recent article in the Daily gleaner approximately 80% of applicants to the Jamaica Fire Brigade were unable to obtain a passing grade in the entrance exam, especially in the area of Language Arts. The questions which were taken from previous GSAT examination called for greater scrutiny in the primary curriculum as some of these persons were actually people who have successfully completed external examinations such as GCE. The dominant foundation for learning which is clearly the primary school needs to revisit the methodology in lesson delivery and motivating underachievers, hence charting the way forward for a literate society. Having examined the recent grade four literacy exam teachers postulated the fact that over thirty percent of the grade four children were unable to past the Grade Four Literacy Exam means that a lot of work need to be done at the grades one to three level.

Purpose of the Study : The purpose of this study is not to unearth the cause of pupils’ learning disabilities, but to identify ways in which teacher(s) in a particular rural school can motivate group of under achievers, using instructional technology to improve their literacy skills. This action research undertaken by the researcher will:

Establish valid evidence that regardless pupils’ abilities with the right motivation can learn.
Based on analysis of the findings make recommendations as to what can be done to use information technology in the primary school to make learning more interesting and more worthwhile.
Highlight meaningful ways by which computers and other technological resources can be integrated in the primary school’s curriculum.

Statement of the Problem: The background aims to prove that technology can be use to improve teaching and learning in the primary...
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