Factors Caused Industrializaiton

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Monica Ma
Factors caused Industrialization In the late 19th century, industrialization influenced and effected the nation a lot. And the industrialization for America is not accidental, there are several factors that lead America to industrialization. The abundant natural resources, increase of labor, rapid development of technology and support from the government, all of them settle the basis for industrialization in American late 19th century. The affluent natural resources, which caused by western mining, such as Iron ore, Coal, Oil and Lumber are very important for the trend towards industrialization. For example, Iron ore was used to create steel and pig iron, and steel and pig iron were used for railroad ties, bridges, and buildings. Railroad and bridges provided quick transportation for America from the east to the west coast. And the development of transportation also benefited and allowed farmers to expand their farm lands because they were able to get goods to market on time and did not let the food spoilage happened. And also the development of railroad also progressed the time became uniform worldwide, it is because different railroads had different time schedules and people need a uniform time for railroad. So the time zones set up by Professor C.F. Dowd endorsed by the railroads and this idea adopted by Congress in 1918. Development of railroad also played an important part on American economy and made the growth of towns because the transportation became more convenient. Another example is coal, coal was also a foundation for American industrialization in the late 19th century. For the aspect of economy, coal encouraged the renovation in transportation, energy consumption and mine technology and for the aspect of fuel sources coal was the major energy which was cheap and efficient and supplied the power and energy for steam machines and forges. And coal was...
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