factors affecting the communication skills of high school students

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: January 22, 2014
Classroom communication skills
1. Student Teachers' Communication Skills
2. Foreign language mediated education
3. Developing communication analysis methods
4. Technology enriched inquiry mathematics in teacher training Student Teachers' Communication Skills
The aim of the research is to develop student teachers’ communication skills while they are in teacher education practice. The theoretical foundation is mainly the communicative approach from Leeds University (Mortimer & Scott, 2003). We designed a specific teaching programme about teacher talk to influence student teachers’ practice of and beliefs about teaching physics. Student teachers were familiarised with the concept of a communicative approach to teaching that categorises teacher talk into four different classes. Whilst it has been suggested that science teaching is commonly based on monotonic and transmission modes of teaching alone, the communicative approach adds a sociocultural aspect to teaching and learning therefore extending student teachers knowledge to include new or innovative approaches to teaching science. The results of this study indicate that, although student teachers struggle with the challenge of implementing new approaches into teaching, they are still able to include them in their physics lessons even during initial teacher training. Key questions

The effect of knowledge of discourse types on student teachers’ talk patterns. How to access and reform student teacher beliefs about teacher talk in science To what extent and how are dialogic interactions manifested within Finnish physics lessons? Researchers: PhD student Sami Lehesvuori, lecturer, PhD Ilkka Ratinen, prof. Helena Rasku-Puttonen, prof. Jouni Viiri, master students Cooperation: The Leeds group (Dr J. Ametler)

Foreign language mediated education
Josephine Moate’s PhD reconceptualises teacherhood through the lens of foreign language (FL) mediated education. The FL mediation of teaching and learning...
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