Factors Affecting Students Academic Performance
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Vol. 3 • January 2011

Nursing Research Journal
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Preferences of Study Time and Academic Performance among Third Year
Nursing Students
College of Nursing
Liceo de Cagayan University
Abstract - The study aimed to identify the study time preference of the Nursing students in Liceo de Cagayan University. With this study, the researchers determined the academic performance among the respondents and the relationship between preference on study time and academic performance. This study utilized the nonexperimental, descriptive research design, universal sampling. The study used the questionnaire answered the objective of the study.
Researchers conducted a survey of practices of nursing students, as well as interviews, about what is the best time to study. Researchers also collected information from the books in the library and selected reliable websites. The respondents of the study were the pioneering batch of the BSN curriculum specifically belonging to the levels N104/
N105 during the second semester of SY 2010-2011, where the total number of respondents was 51. The researchers made sure that the respondents were provided with privacy and that every respondent has the right to refuse in participating to the study. The researchers utilized the Pearson product moment correlation coefficient to measure the degree of linear relationship between time preferences and their

Nursing Research Journal

grades in both Medical- Surgical Nursing and Psychiatric Nursing lecture. The findings of the study revealed that there is no significant relationship between the preferred study time of the respondents and academic performance. Therefore, the grades of the students do not depend on what time of the day students study. However, the most preferred time of the respondents to study is during

Cited: Pashler, H., M. McDaniel, D. Rohrer, R. Bjork, 2009 Learning styles: Concepts and Evidence

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