Factors Affecting Sales in the Leather Industry

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Psychology Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: September 26, 2012
According to William D. Wells (2009) advertising is aimed at motivating and affecting consumers' behavior in a way that is beneficial to the company or brand being advertised. Consumers are said to pass through a cognitive and affective phase before adopting and showing certain behavior. The first thing marketers should do in order to make an advertisement effective is to attract people's attention, meaning they have to make consumers process the advertising message consciously. If an advertisement manages to catch consumers' attention, it has an opportunity to motivate and affect their behavior, which is ultimately the goal of advertising. However, the most important factor is considered to be information people expect to get valuable information about a product. According to Ronald J. Faber (1997) there is a difference between short-term advertising effects and long-term advertising effectiveness. In contrast to effects, effectiveness accumulates over time and affects feelings, attitudes and behaviors. The short-term effects of an advertising campaign can be assessed in time periods ranging from a few minutes to a year, while measuring long-term effectiveness should cover a period of ten years or longer. Evaluation of effectiveness should involve multiple exposures to adverts and multiple executions within campaigns in a complex environment, which includes other marketing activities and competitive actions. According to Lewis R. Horner (2002) An important thing to be considered when speaking about advertising effectiveness is the likeability of an advertisement, or the extent to which it is liked by consumers. Advertising likeability is closely related to the kind of media selected for the advertisement. Naturally, not all advertisements are liked by all people. There are various reasons why a consumer may not like an advert some adverts are considered to be noisy and irritating, not informative enough and even deceptive, exaggerated, boring and/or difficult to...
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