factors affecting development

Topics: Developmental psychology, Emotion, Infant Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: January 12, 2014
Skinner views are that children learn language through imitation, and they copy from how their parents talk. He thought that children learn mostly through positive and negative reinforcement. When an adult feels as if the child is learning how to say a word from their babble such as ‘baby’ they will repeat it continuously so that in the end result the child will learn how to say the word. (6-12 months) Bowlby thought that a mother and a new born would need to bond with close contact for a good long term development. His views were that babies wanted to be close with the main parent/carer at all times to feel safe and when it was achieved, the babies constant need for attention would stop. When the baby is put in a new environment or separated from their main carer they will feel unsafe and start their crying for attention so they can be close with their carer again. This theory is called ‘attachment’. (0-3 months) Darwin believed that children were born with basic emotions; babies learn appropriate emotional responses from watching other people around them and observing how they react to things. They check their parent’s facial expressions or body language before responding positively or negatively to a situation (Squire 2007:105). (0-3 months) Schaffer views were that there were three stages of development in infancy, in stage 1 it showed that the baby was more drawn to people than inanimate objects and would smile more around a human than if left with inanimate objects like toys. In stage 2, the baby will be around 3 months and will be able to recognize the difference between their parent/carer and other strangers, babies may not mind being held at this stage because they’re too young to see the strangers as a threat. In stage 3, around 6 months a baby will form a stronger bond with their main caregiver and will try to seek attention. The child may become distressed when their carer is out of sight and...
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