Factors Affecting Development

Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Ethnic group Pages: 6 (2368 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Factors affecting healthy development in children

There are many different factors that affect a child healthy growth and development. Knowing the different factors that can affect the child enables us to differentiate activities suited to all children and also if need be place areas of concern so there is early intervention and then that the child has the best possible start.
Ethnic group
The first factor is a child’s ethnic group. This can affect their healthy development in many ways. Firstly a child from a different ethnic group may have different dietary and food needs for example they may not be able to eat certain meats such as pork due to their religion, maybe meaning having different food(school dinners) at lunch time which may make them feel different to others lowering their self-esteem. They may not be able to eat with a knife and fork; they may eat with their hands or chop sticks, and because it is different to other children how they eat they could get stared at or asked questions regularly on why they eat like that. Everyone has a different attitude to food and diet and, how someone eats so the child having a different diet to other children may cause uneasiness for a child seeing that that they are different to other children because at a young age children want to be all the same. ‘The care standards act 2000 brought new guidance, one being the national standards for under eights day care and childminding. These were issued for full day care,sessional day care, crèches, out of school care and childminders. There are fourteen national standards, which represent a baseline of quality below which no provider may fall. Standard 8 food and drink states: children are provided with regular drinks and food in adequate quantities for their needs, and that is complies with dietary and religious requirements.” Anti-discriminatory practice, second edition MILLAM R”. there are policies and procedure too that are put in place to make sure everyone is treated fairly such as the race relations act 1976 this act defines discrimination in 4 ways; direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, segregation and victimization. Someone’s race can also be an emotive subject, and some people may feel uncomfortable and feel awkward, so workers may feel they are unable to speak to the child or a different ethnic group, making the child feel left out and different to other children. Also other children may notice that they are different to that child and may leave them out and this can really affect a child emotionally and socially as they may feel they can only approach someone that has that is from the same ethnic group of them, so this can affect their social skills as they don’t get much interaction with many different people and are not learning and understanding about other races and that we are all equal and the same. According to page 38 of the EYFS 2012 understanding the world: people and communities, by the age of 30-50 months they should show an interest in different occupations and ways of life. The child being in a certain ethnic group may mean that they are only used to their way of life and routines so being in a child care setting with children from many different ethnic groups they may feel out of place and very shy and confused of the different routines and different people and if they speak differently and may have different morals that the child’s parents has taught them not to do. The child and their family may only stay with their ethnic group, so they could feel a sense of loneliness and like an outsider and may be taught by family members or...
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