factors affecting customer behaviour

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Culture is one of the most fundamental of determinant of a person’s wants, needs and behaviour (determined mainly by countries- wants, needs and behaviour of a Japanese differs greatly from an American) Sub-culture consists of smaller cultures within cultures. It provide a specific identification and socialisation for its members. Sub-cultures includes nationalities, religions, racial groups, etc. (The Silver market differs greatly from the Gen X or Y market in their wants and needs and where they shop) Social classes show distinct product and brand preferences. Examples are: Upper Uppers, Lower Uppers, Upper Middle, Lower Middle, Middle Class, Working Class, Upper Lowers and Lower Lowers. (Giordano vs. Armani Exchange, BMWs vs. Cherry QQ, Fine Dinning vs. Food Courts) Social

Reference Groups influences the person’s behaviour (peer groups in schools determine how one should wear in school). One may be a member of the reference group or not. (Students may dress in a manner that is consistent with a reference group he/she does not belong to) Family members constitute the influential primary reference group. A person may acquire an orientation towards a set of values that are consistent with that of the parents or siblings. (a place of worship that a person goes to) Roles and statuses influences the buying behaviour of the individual. People choose products that communicate their roles and statuses. (A senior manager may drive a Mercedes car) Personal

Age and Life-cycle stage influences the buying decisions of individuals. A fresh graduate may not see the importance of buying a home vs newly-weds. Newly-weds with no children may prefer a sporty car vs a sedan for a family with young children. Couple whose kids are independent and have families of their own may have more leisure time to take more and longer holidays. Occupation influences one’s needs and wants. A blue-collar worker may visit neighbour...
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