Factors Affecting Crime Rate

Topics: Crime, Regression analysis, Crime in the United States Pages: 4 (1172 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Initial analysis
In this report, we will be examining the factors affecting the number of property crimes in USA. Indeed, property crimes appear to be the most common form of crime from the data set that has been given to me. Thus, trying to find the reasons and parameters impacting the number of property crime is an imperative in order reduce criminal behaviour. As a result, we can logically set the number of property crime per 100,000 –denoted as crip in the data set given- as the dependent variable that we will try to estimate by using the 29 other variables given to elaborate the report. With the help of a data set comprising 30 variables related to 1560 cases, the objective of this report is to effectively estimate the most relevant and significant factors determining the number of property crime in US.

Is the proportion of black people in the population a significant factor to the number of property crimes? Is there any relationship between the nominal income per capita and the crime rate? Does the unemployment rate have any impact on the number of crimes? As one can notice, there are numerous economic and behavioural theories underlying the subject chosen. In fact, assuming the number of police agents is correlated to the number of property crimes, it is logical to think that a higher number of police agents will enhance security and help reducing the crime rates. However, a relatively large number of police agents can also be identified as a indicator of general insecurity and relatively high number of crimes. What is the relationship between the number of police agents and the number of property crimes? How strong is the relationship between those two variables? Here, it is decisive to highlight and use the explanatory variables which are the most significant to the explained variable in order to make my desired model for property crimes. After using some literature reviews to improve my knowledge on the subject, 11...
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