Factors Affecting Climate

Topics: Equator, Earth, Climate, Tropics, Latitude, Ocean / Pages: 1 (127 words) / Published: Dec 25th, 2014
Factors Affecting Climate:

Latitude: The further a place is from the Equator the lower the temperature becomes

Distance from the Sea: Continental Effect-places in the middle of a large landmass, or a long way from the coast will have a greater variation (difference) in temperature than places close to the coast, because land heats and cools quicker than water. The impact on climate of being close to the coast is the Maritime Effect.

Elevation: Altitude = height above sea level. The higher up the colder it gets. 100m above sea level = 6o lower air

Prevailing Winds: Are winds, which come from the same direction at a regular time. Prevailing winds from the Tropical Zone will warm a place; Prevailing Winds from the Polar Zone will cool a place

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