Factors Affect Chinese Outbound Tourism

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Factors Affect Chinese Outbound Tourists In Destination Choice Weiqi Wang
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Factors Affect Chinese Outbound Tourists In Destination Choice Introduction
With the development of Chinese tourism market, the outbound tourism has attracted more and more attention in recent years and it has recently drawn much research attention in the academic community. Research reports that outbound tourism in China began in the early 1980s: the first stage appeared in 1983, the second stage began in 1990, and the third stage came out in 1997, it was not until this year that the Chinese government officially recognize the existence of a Chinese outbound market (Arlt, 2006; Zhu, 2007). As the growth of Chinese outbound tourists, it is necessary to analyze the factors which affect Chinese tourists’destination choice.To impressively state this issue, the paper is structured as followed: First part is literature review, The development of Chinese outbound tourism is introduced first in this part; then it goes on to analyze the external and internal factors that affect Chinese outbound tourists destination choice. The external factors including policy factors, destination image and social factors. The internal factor is psychological factor refers to needs, wants, or emotional factors, such as the need of escape, relaxation, adventure, prestige, knowledge and novelty (Josiam, Huang, Spears, Kennon, & Bahulkar, 2009).

Literature Review
Chinese Outbound Tourism
Recent research on tourism development reports that outbound tourism in China began in the early 1980s and has progressed through three initial stages (Zhang&Heung,2002). The first stage appeared in 1983, when the government allowed a limited number of organized tours to Hong Kong, and later, Macao.These tours were under the permission of the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and the purpose of these tourism is only visiting friends and relatives. The second stage began in 1990, when the government signed bilateral agreements with Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.These agreements allowed Chinese leisure tourists to self-fund travel to these country through the newly established Chinese Travel Service. However, the real birth of international tourism from China came out with the third stage.In 1997, the Chinese government signed its first bilateral agreements with the non-Asian countries of Australia and New Zealand, providing a opportunity for Chinese residence to experience Western culture firsthand (Keating, Byron W. and Kriz, Anton, 2008). External Factors

Policy Factors
In the year of 1978, Deng Xiao-Ping has introduced the economic reforms, these were the building blocks for China’s recent years’economic growth and as a result, enabled the outbound tourism of China, from then on, Chinese outbound tourism began to boom its steps. Approved destination status (ADS) is one of those many remnants of socialism the FACTORS AFFECT CHINESE OUTBOUND TOURISTS Chinese government still uses to control what its people can do. A foreign country must have ADS before Chinese tour groups are allowed to visit, the award of ADS to 27 European countries at the beginning of September is a big step forward. Not only was it the largest single expansion of the scheme, potentially bringing countries such as France, Spain and Italy onto Chinese tourists itineraries (“Business Asia,”2004). By mid 2008, over 130 countries have been granted ADS by the CNTA, with the United States being the most country to join the ADS system (PRC,2008). This policy established by Chinese government with the tourists destination countries has largely increased Chinese outbound tourists. Destination Image

According to Chon (1992), destination image is before people go to a...

References: Keating, Byron W. and Kriz, Anton (2008). Outbound tourism from China: literature review and research agenda. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management , Vol. 15, No. 2 (2008): pp. 32-41.
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