Factor to Consider When Selecting Instructional Method and Instructional Material

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Instructional materials are items that are designed to serve as major tool for assisting in the instruction of a subject or course. These items may be available in bound, unbound, kit or package form and may consist of hard backed or soft backed textbooks, consumables, learning laborites, slides, films and film strips, recording, manipulative and it’s commonly to accepted instructional tools. And instructional method it’s the same with teaching method this are defined as the principles and methods used instruction. The number of learners within the class are too many that the government expectations from their rules and regulations and we end up not having to know who is around or cheated. Our classrooms are very hot and do not have air conditioners. The chairs and desks are broken which leads to some of learner not having any chairs to sit on either desks. The classrooms are too small than the number of the learners. Since the government’s rules cannot be controlled as expected (too many learners in class), the government also fails to provide sufficient study material such as textbooks. It leads teachers grouping learners in pairs. He ends up not being able to give individual attention to learners whereby the will not be able to even walk around the class. He cannot be able to determine if really the learners understood the lesson due to the fact that there are some learners hiding behind others and the classes are too noisy. To determine the problems that the Economics teacher encounters within his classroom, learners, study material availability and also how they can obtain their objectives. With regard to objectives how do they attain them, if there are strikes involved in between. With these entire problems that he encounters is he able to present them to the principal, circuit manager or the MEC. The research was conducted at Limpopo Province under Vhembe district, Thulamela municipality under Dzondo circuit in Lwamondo village at Shondoni Secondary school. We met Mr. Mandiwana K.C who is the economics teacher. Literate review

According to Williamson and Tobin (1987).They examined classroom climate in a so-called alternative high school or” senior colleges” which catered adult learners. In school or colleges where adults are grouped together, a favorable classroom climate prevailed, but where adolescent and adults were integrated in classes, the climate was not so favorable. In South Africa particularly in historical disadvantaged schools, many learners are older than the average learners are for specific age. It is not unusual to find 21 years old learners in grade 8-12. Keeping the finding of Fraser et al (1987:224) in mind, the teacher of those learners, should be made aware of those older learners particular needs. It seems that although age does not play a very prominent role concerning classroom climate, certain aspects, as pointed out in the preceding paragraph should taken into consideration. Gender

General research findings on gender issues concerning classroom climate will be reported. According to Randhawa and fu (1973:305) report that generally girls tend to be more lenient than what boys are towards classmate and teachers. It could be expected then that girls would rate classroom climate more favorable than boy would - this findings is in fact verified by research done by Abdool (2000:58). Fraser (1986b:17) state that consistent results across grade levels indicated that boys prefer both individualization and competition more than what girls do and that girls on the other hand prefer cooperation more than what boys do. This then would result in these dimensions being differently rated by the different sexes. To conclude this – it seems that girls (as a sub group in class) may experience the classroom climate differently from what boys do (Huffman et al., 1997:729). Teachers should take cognizance of this in order to create classroom climates fitting both boys and...
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