Topics: English language, Negeri Sembilan, Second language Pages: 9 (2790 words) Published: April 18, 2014
1.0 Overview of The Study
In the era of information and technology, there is a great need for individuals to learn and master the English language. Nowadays the English language is important to get a job easily. English is also used for different purposes such as news and information, business, diplomacy, entertainment and others, supported by Kitao as cited in (Kasuma, 2002). According to Travil as cited in (Kasuma, 2002) knowing the language can help us to express our opinions, hopes, and even our dreams. In Malaysia every school uses English as the language for teaching subjects such as Mathematics and Science, and a lot of people learn English at school, where English language is used as a common subject. Learning the language is important and people learn to read and write in English to make sure they can communicate with other people. However, there are still some people who may not read and speak in the English language fluently. In the primary and secondary schools English is taught as a second language. By studying English, students can prepare themselves to improve their thinking and communication skills. Based on Rosli Talif as cited in (Kasuma, 2002), English could 2

contribute to knowledge, understanding and skills of students, who need to be equipped with such skills in order to be prepared for more complex problems in the future. As we all know English is important but there are still people who don’t want to take the opportunity to learn the English language because of their lack of motivation. Motivation is suggested to be an important factor to start learning English. Motivation is defined as the extent that one strives to acquire the language because of the desire to do so and satisfaction derived from it supported by Gardner as cited in (Wimolmas, 2001). For students to achieve their success they need to have a strong motivation for themselves. Motivation can influence the students learning results. Motivation is the biggest single factor affecting a language learner’s success. According to Tuan L as cited in (Jafari, 2013) one of the factors influencing the success of the learners in learning English is the person’s motivation. Students who have low motivation will not attend the class, or enter the class late, that is why motivation is needed to make the students more likely to enter the class and want to learn English or other subjects. Motivation is one of the factors or keys to success in anything. When they lack motivation the students also get poorer results. Every student has his own goal and target. Some of the students have the motivation to learn and some students learn by working harder in understanding the subject. They will have different results, as some students may have good results and some student may not even though they have worked harder, because the student that have a higher motivation will get the credits and have better results. 3

1.1. Background of Study
This research is done in Alpha College of Technology (ACT) which is one of the Private Colleges in Malaysia. The population of this college is about 1143 students. The topic that has been choose by the researcher is the factors that influence Intensive Bahasa Inggeris (IBI) students’ motivation towards learning English at Alpha College of Technology in Seremban 2. In this research the respondents that have been chosen is students from Alpha College of Technology, who are from Semester 1 to Semester 6. In this research students can be motivated by many factors, and the researcher will focus on four independent variables to examine the factors that influence students’ motivation in learning English. Intensive Bahasa Inggeris (IBI) is a programme that takes two month for the students to complete. Students who enter this program will gain a lot of knowledge. The objective in this IBI programme is after two months the students, they should be able speak English using correct grammar and they should be...
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