Fact-finding for a database system

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1. What kinds of tasks do you perform in a typical day?

We book students for interviews which are held every Monday. Students bring the following. Arrive at the college at 8:00 am
Bring three passport size photographs
Original and two copies of KCSE examination result slips
A copy of  School leaving certificate
Two copies of birth certificate, National ID/Passport
Any other relevant certificates. Entrance examination fee is Ksh.300 They then sit for a written interview and an oral one after. Finally they fill the application forms and wait to be called for admission letters.

2. What kinds of data do you work with?

Information about every student which includes contacts and results of a student according to progress results slip.

3. What types of reports do you use?

A progress results slip. Students’ marks are recorded in books/paper then input in an excel worksheet and gradebook is generated after.

4. What types of things do you need to keep track of?

Student contact information, academic performance, attendance and character with the help of a student tutor.

5. What courses do you offer?
The following are courses offered;.
a) There is the one year Kibondeni certificate in Cookery and Housekeeping. D Plain and above. Intake is done in January, May and September.

b) A 2 year Craft certificate in Catering and Accommodation Management. (Examined by knec). C- Minus & above (with a pass in Mathematics examined). Intake is done in April.

c) A 3 year Diploma in Catering and Accommodation Management (examined by knec). Requirements; C Plain & above (with a pass in Mathematics examined). Intake is done May-July.
d) Short Courses in Housekeeping & Cookery (HCC). The course is open no qualification stated.

6. What is the process of enrolling for classes?
Once a student has been admitted and pays her fees she goes to the class her course is offered. There isn’t a clear enrollment system.

7. What challenges do you face with the...
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