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Facing the Giants

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Blue, 18.

Set. Hit. Hit.

Zach. Zach. Crossbuck 30.
Crossbuck 30.

Crossbuck 30. Crossbuck 30.

- Ready?
- Ready.

The Eagles will have to go for it on fourth down

with just 42 seconds left in the game and no timeouts.

Coach Taylor can get his first winning season for the Shiloh Christian Academy

if they can pull this play off.

Move it, team! Set, hit!

Zach Avery pitches back to Jacob Hall.
Jeremy Johnson's going down the field.

- Here come the Tigers.
- Throw it, Jacob!

Jacob's gonna try to tuck it and run, and he's taken down at the 40-yard line,

stopped by Lewis Slaughter.

Jeremy Johnson was wide open.

If he'd had a few seconds more, this game might have had a different outcome.

As it is, the Tigers will take over now and will no doubt run out the clock,

ending Coach Grant Taylor's bid for his first winning season in six years.

Now he'll have to wait until next season for that all-elusive winning record.

That's if they let him come back next year.

- Hi.
- Get 'em, Claire.

Hey, Grant. Come on, y'all.
Quit talking. Let's go, let's go. Hurry.


What? You gotta be kidding me.

- This had better be a joke.
- No.

Mandy said he came in this morning, got his papers.

A player can't just transfer to another school. He's gotta change his address.

He did. He's moving in with his dad.

I can't believe that. This is the third time this has happened.

Spend three years pouring into 'em

and when they get to their senior year, they transfer to a rival school.


Well, 'cause at the end of the season, nobody wants to be on TV

going, "We're number six, baby.
We're number six."

Well, you asked.

Just had to go there, didn't you?

- Did Darren switch to Tucker?
- We'll talk about it in a minute.

- So it's true?
- We'll talk about it in a minute.

Huddle up.

Coach, is it true that Darren transferred to Tucker?

I got word this morning that Darren did transfer to Tucker.

- There goes the season.
- The season will be whatever we make it.

Who's gonna take his place?
He scored a third of our points.

You let me worry about that.
We're not starting as if it's doomsday.

- Nobody's irreplaceable.
- Darren is.

Darren is not. There's more to a good football team than a running back.

If anything, this ought to push you to take up the slack.

Stop worrying about Darren.
Start your drills.

- We got a game to play this Friday night.
- Let's go, Shiloh. Come on. Let's go.

Why'd you park all the way out there?

Had to. It died again.

Why don't we get a new battery?

I'll get Brady to help me tomorrow.
I don't wanna think about it now.

- Do you want me to take a look at it for you?
- Stop it.

Oh, sweetheart...

I don't know what that smell is.
I've scrubbed everything I can.

- It's terrible.
- I know it is, but what else can I do?

I don't know where it's coming from.

This day stunk. Why shouldn't my house?

- What do you mean?
- Darren transferred to Tucker.

What? He did not.

Yep. Came by and got his papers, didn't even say goodbye.

- Why?
- Why do you think?

Didn't see a chance of winning at Shiloh.

But it ain't like Tucker's gonna guarantee him a scholarship.

- I bet the boys are frustrated.
- More than you know.

I meant to throw that away.

Did you think you were pregnant?

I don't know. I just wanna be pregnant so bad that my mind plays tricks on me.

You know, it's been four years since we started trying.

Would you be opposed to me going to see a specialist?


I'd just like to know what she says.


I thought we were having spaghetti tonight.

Stove's not working.

You are kidding me.

So we got a leak in the back room, the dryer only works half the time,

the car's dying on us and now the stove's broken.

That's about right.

No wonder I'm losing my hair.

I love you.

And now your Georgia Sports Break with Alicia Houston.

The Richland Giants start football practice as the new school year gets under way.

The team will be defending a three-year
GISA state championship run.

Now they prepare to fight for a fourth.

I'm here with head coach Bobby Lee Duke of the Giants.

How does this year look for the team?

Alice, we've grown real fond of the state title.

And we don't see any reason to give it up this year.

I've got most of my starters coming back and I've got a strong bench.

So I've only got one thing to say:

Get off the tracks,
'cause the freight train's coming.

I hope that's not a sign of the way the rest of the season's gonna go, Coach.

- Why did he have to say that?
- Just let it go.

I hate this car.

Let's find somebody with jumper cables and let's go home.

It's bad enough you lose your first game.
Now I can't even start my own car.

This happens to everybody.
Don't be embarrassed about it.

- Grant, I wasn't that embarrassed.
- Then why did you hide?

Why does this house have to stink so bad?

You'll get used to it after a couple of hours.

Honey, we gotta do something about the car.

The only thing it does faithfully for us is break down.

That's about right.

Would it not be better just to get a small new car?

- You know we can't afford that.
- How do other people do it?

Other people make more than 24,000 a year.

You make 6,000. That takes us to 30.

Enough to help us with repairs occasionally,

not with a new car payment.

Besides, there's other bills we don't normally have to pay.

- Like what?
- Like my doctor bill.

You saw her today?

- What did she say?
- She said that I'm fine.

My numbers are normal and she saw nothing that gave her concern.

- That's good.
- It doesn't mean the problem is with you.

- What else could it mean?
- We just may not have given it enough time.

Four years?

Are you still hoping we'll have a baby?

- You know I am.
- Me too.

I catch myself thinking about it more and more.

Don't you wanna know if something's preventing it?

Are you afraid of getting checked out?


Grant, I'm still clinging to a hope

that one day we'll have children.

I imagine 'em running in this house.

I hear 'em playing in the backyard

or running to our bed in a thunderstorm.

And I think about reading 'em stories

and teaching 'em songs.

And I just keep thinking

how can I miss someone so much that I have never met?

I'll go.



Stanley, do you wanna tell me what you're doing on the top of my desk?


Do you have any idea how you got on top of my desk?


I suggest you get down immediately.

You two can tell Coach Taylor that you're late for practice today

because you've been sitting in detention.

Come on. That was some serious humor.

I'll get serious about your humor when you get serious about your studies.

Well, if you wanna announce your grade to the entire class, you go right ahead.

So basically we got the toughest schedule we ever had

and less talent than we ever had.

At least we got Dewey County on Friday night. That'll be a pretty easy win.

- I'm concerned it might be our only win.
- We'll pull three or four out.

That'll give us another average season.

I'm so sick of average seasons.

- I gotta go.
- Where are you going?

- Got a doctor's appointment.
- For what?

- I have a doctor's appointment.
- For what?

Leave the man alone.
He don't have to tell you.

So what's wrong with you, man?

I'll be back in a couple of hours.

Now look what you did.
You done made him mad.

Me? You're the one that made him mad.

No, not me.
Besides, I know where he's going.

- Where?
- He's going to the hair doctor.

The man is going bald. You hadn't noticed that underdeveloped region?

You're one to talk, Slick.

See, when a black man goes bald, he still looks good.

Look at Michael Jordan,
George Foreman, Samuel L. Jackson.

Classy-looking brothers.
Who you got? Kojak?

Yeah, Coach gonna get him some plugs.

- Grant would not get plugs.
- Don't laugh. You next.

Your soccer skills get better every year, son.

It doesn't matter. Shiloh doesn't have a soccer team. They play football.

So? Why not kick for the football team?

They've already got a good kicker.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind having two.

Dad, I'm too small. I really just don't feel like getting killed.

Are you saying you're not interested

or you'd like to try out but you're afraid?

What if I don't even make the team?

Well, you're already not on the team.

You can't get any more not on the team than you are right now.

- OK, Dad.
- David, you can't be afraid of failure.

Everyone fails at some point.

So you think I should try out for the football team?

Well, if you're waiting around for soccer, it ain't gonna happen.

- Coach Owens, have you got a minute?
- Yeah.

Look, some of the men have been talking.

We wanna see this school succeed with our football program.

I know you feel the same way, too.

But, frankly, we don't ever see that happening while Coach Taylor is here.

You know we're in a rebuilding season.

Look, I know he's a fine man and all, but he's had six years here

and nothing significant to even show for it.

I honestly believe you would make a better head coach.

Some of us have requested a meeting with Mr. Ryker.

If you would just support us, I really believe this could go a lot easier.

Mr. Pervis, I don't know.

Look, it's not like we're trying to hurt the guy.

What we're doing is for the benefit of the school.

You just think about it.

Good hustle, Casey.

- What was that about?
- What?

- Alvin Pervis.
- We were just talking.

Everything all right?

- Yeah.
- Mr. Taylor.


I'm Larry Childers.
This is my son David. He's a junior.

- We're new to the school.
- Good to meet you. What can I do for you?

I just wanted to introduce myself to you and David wanted to try out for the team.

- You a football player?
- I've always played soccer.

- I figured I could try out as a kicker.
- I've got a pretty good kicker,

but I don't mind letting you try out.
Jonathan, come here.

This is Jonathan. He holds for our main kicker, Joshua Webster.

Jonathan, this is David Childers.
He wants to try out as a kicker.

- Why don't you two go and try a few kicks?
- All right, sure.

Thank you, sir. I'll just hang around till practice is over.

No problem. Good to meet you.

Y'all just move here?

Yeah, from Athens. My dad got a job teaching at the college.

That's cool.

I'm used to kicking soccer balls, but I thought I could at least try out.

Josh is a pretty good kicker, but he's also a receiver.

I think he likes that better than kicking. Here you go.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- Sorry about that.
- It's all right.

- Hey, watch it.
- Sorry.



- Let's go.
- I'm going with Brock for a while.

- Not tonight. You're coming home.
- Why?

- Don't argue with me. Let's go.
- No, Dad. I'll be home later.


That old man still come every week to pray in the hallway?

Mr. Bridges. Prays for the students as he passes their locker.

- How long has he been doing that?
- Praying for revival since before I got here.

Lord knows we need it. Apathy in the school's as bad as our football record.

That reminds me. I think you should go ahead and let David Childers on the team.

- You see something there?
- He's just used to playing soccer.

He ain't that strong, but he shows promise.

All right. I'll give him a shot.

One, two, hit!

What are you doing?
Let's stay in the game!

No! No!

Will someone tell me how we lost to Dewey County 21 to 7?

Dewey County hasn't beaten Shiloh since you were in kindergarten!

I don't know what you call that junk out there, but it sure wasn't football.

Nine dropped passes, four fumbles, three interceptions.

Their defense scored most of their points!

You gave the game away!

You can't win football games if you don't play together as a team.

You can't win when you're more concerned about what you're doing afterwards!

And you can't learn the plays when you miss practice 'cause you're sittin' in detention.

I'm sick of the apathy on this team.

If we're not here to win football games, then why are we here?

So, do you agree with him?

I don't know. I guess.

Only a few guys on the team really seem to care.

So are you ready to play in the game?

I don't know why they would use me when they've got Joshua Webster.

He can kick a 45-yard field goal.

I bet you could too.

Dad, I can barely kick a 35-yard field goal.

At the end of the game, kind of glad I didn't play.

That way, I can't mess up.

- That's fear, son.
- I just don't wanna embarrass the team.

David, I've asked God since you were a baby

that he would show how strong he is in your life

and that through you people would see how good he is.

Then why would he make me so small and weak?

To show how mighty he is.

Why don't we get washed up for dinner?
We can finish this later.

All right.


OK. I'm OK.

- What were you doing?
- You missed a spot up there.

Thought I could get it for you.

I guess I got a little too ambitious.

I was just trying to take a swing at it.

So, what does that mean?

Is there a procedure?
What are my options?

Grant, first you need you realize this is a fairly common problem for men.

Thousands of couples are unable to have children. You do have options.

Although there's only a 10% chance of success,

many couples have tried in vitro fertilization.

- We can't afford that.
- The other option is to adopt a child.

But it's about as expensive either way.

If you're interested, I'll put you in touch with the local agency.

I realize this is difficult for you to hear,

but you and your wife can make the best decision

now that you know where you are.

Sorry. I didn't realize anybody was still here.

- Hey, Steve.
- Putting in late hours tonight?

Yeah, I guess so.
I can lock up. You can take off.

All right. Thanks, Coach.

It's about the boys.

I'm not asking you to throw him out.

If Shiloh can invest in a winning coach, we don't need to settle for second best.

You can let him go with as much class as you want to.

- Alvin, he's a good man.
- I'm not saying he's not a good man.

I'm saying he's not a good coach.

Come on, Dan. Just look at the facts.
His record speaks for itself.

- We need new leadership.
- I still think he deserves more time.

He's had six years. If he was capable of winning, he'd have done it by now.

Grant Taylor is not capable of winning.

He doesn't have it in him.
That's the whole point.

I'm just saying I want my son to have the best football program possible.

My son's got a chance for a football scholarship

if he's taught by the right coach.

Matt's gonna be a senior next year.

I don't wanna see him lose this opportunity.

Brady, you're awfully quiet.
What's your take on this?

Honestly, I don't know.

Sometimes I think Grant could do a better job of building this football program.

But then other times I think he's doing just as good as anyone else would.

You could do better.

- What we need is a change.
- Now.

We're losing booster support, game attendance is down,

and from the looks of it we've already lost this season.

Dan, we've got a weak program because we've got a weak coach.

He's dead weight.
We need to cut him loose.

Have you been at school all this time?


I tried to call you an hour ago.
Is everything all right?

Grant, talk to me.

I don't know where to start.

What's going on?

I was trying to lock up for Steve

and I overheard Dan meeting with some fathers.

They didn't know I was there.

Brooke, they're pushing him to get rid of me.

Neil Prater, Alvin Pervis, Luke Rae.

They said I wasn't capable of winning, called me dead weight.

They can't make Dan fire you.
You've still got support.

You just go get JT and Brady and see him tomorrow.

Brady was there.

They've just lost confidence in me.

I was so sure I could turn this program around and I've just sunk it lower.

Brooke, I've tried so hard.
Why can't I win?

You can win.
Stop beating yourself up, Grant.

Brooke, I can't provide you with a decent home.

I can't provide you with a decent car.

I'm a failing coach with a losing record.

And I can't give you the children you want.


It's me.

Like everything else is me.

We can't have our own children because of me.

What's God doing?
I mean, why is it so hard?

It's OK, Grant.

It's OK.

"I love you, O Lord, my strength."

"The Lord is my rock and my fortress, my deliverer,

my God in whom I trust,

my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold."

"I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised."

"So shall I be saved from my enemies."

Lord Jesus, would you help me?

I need you.

Lord, I feel like there's giants of fear and failure

just staring down at me waiting to crush me.

And I don't know how to beat 'em, Lord.

I'm tired of being afraid.

Lord, if you want me to do something else, show me.

If you don't want me to have children, so be it.

But you're my guide.

You're on the throne.

You can have my hopes and my dreams.

Lord, give me something.
Show me something.

If the Lord never gives us children, will you still love him?

Field-goal unit.

Hold on, Joshua. I wanna give David a shot at this one. David, come here.

This is your field goal.
Put us on the board.


It's all right, man. It's hard.
You'll get it next time.

Dad, I don't even know why they let me on the team.

Did you do your best, son?

I knew I was gonna miss it before I kicked it.

Your actions will always follow your beliefs, David.

Dad, I can't even kick it straight.

And I can't walk. Should I just stay home and pout about it?

If you accept defeat, David, then that's what you'll get.

Well, Brady, another fine example

of Grant Taylor's wonderful coaching abilities.

Look, the kids don't deserve it.
The fans don't deserve it.

When you gonna get a bellyful of this guy?

What's it gonna take?
You got a chance, man.

You got a chance to step in and take over this program

and carry it up for a while.

When are you gonna get sick and tired of it?

You got an opportunity here.
This program's going in the tank.

Ryker's gotta...

Grant, he came to me.

You're not doing anybody any favors sitting on the fence.

You determine which side you wanna be on and stay on it.

Mr. Bridges.

Revelation Chapter 3 says:

"We serve a God that opens doors that no one can shut,

and he shuts doors that no one can open."

"He says: 'Behold, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.

'I know you have a little strength,

yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name."'

Coach Taylor, the Lord is not through with you yet.

You still have an open door here,

and until the Lord moves you, you're to bloom right where you're planted.

I just felt led to come and tell you that today.

Mr. Bridges.

Do you believe
God told you to come tell me that?

I do.

I admit to you I have been struggling.

But I've also been praying.

I just don't see him at work here.

Grant, I heard a story about two farmers who desperately needed rain.

And both of them prayed for rain,

but only one of them went out and prepared his fields to receive it.

Which one do you think trusted God to send the rain?

The one who prepared his fields for it.

Which one are you?

God will send the rain when he's ready.

You need to prepare your field to receive it.

So this is your new team philosophy?

What do you think?

I think this applies to all of life, not just football.

Well, that's my point.

won the state championship a decade ago.

- Walker Jennings.
- No.

- North Metro.
- Stop guessing.

You know it or you don't.

- How about five years ago?
- Richland?

That was three years ago.

You can't remember, can you?

Leads me to ask a couple of questions.

- What's the purpose of this team?
- Win ball games.

- Then what?
- We get a trophy. And people talk about us.

Maybe, for a while.

- Then what?
- I don't know.

Get a scholarship, play for college and coach Little League.

What are you getting at?
You think we're just wasting our time?

If our main goal is to win games, then yes.

- You don't want us to win games?
- No.

Not if that's our main goal.

Winning football games is too small a thing to live for.

And I love football as much as anybody.

But even championship trophies will one day collect dust and be forgotten.

It's just that so far all this has been about us,

how we can look good, how we can get the glory.

The more I read this book, the more I realize life's not about us.

We're not here just to get glory, make money and die.

The Bible says that God put us here for him,

to honor him.

Jesus said the most important thing you could do with your life

is to love God with everything you are and love others as yourself.

So if we win every game and we miss that, we've done nothing.

Football then means nothing.

So I'm here to present you a new team philosophy.

I think that football is just one of the tools we use to honor God.

So you think God does care about football?

I think he cares about your faith.

He cares about where your heart is.

If you can live your faith on the football field,

then, yes, God cares
'cause he cares about you.

He sent his son Jesus to die for us so we could live for him.

That's why we're here.

But, see, it's not just on the football field.

We've gotta honor him in our relationships,

in our respect for authority, in the classroom,

and when you're at home alone surfing the internet.

I want God to bless this team so much, people talk about what he did.

But it means we gotta give him our best in every area.

And if we win, we praise him.
And if we lose, we praise him.

Either way, we honor him with our actions and our attitudes.

So I'm asking you, what are you living for?

I've resolved to give God everything I've got,

then I'll leave the results up to him.

I wanna know if you'll join me.

Your attitude's like the aroma of your heart.

If your attitude stinks, it means your heart's not right.

He sure is preachy today.


- How's your attitude, Brock?
- It's fine.

Then you'll be OK with the death crawl, right?

All right, everybody on the goal line.
Get your partner. Let's go.

All right, let's go. Show me something.

Matt, let's go. Let's go, Jonathan.
Show me something. 10 yards.

Show me some power. No knees.
Keep your knees off the ground.

Show me something. Here we go.

Show me some power.
Give me some heart. Let's go.

Very good, boys. Very good.
Let's run it back.

- Man, that's not even funny, dude.
- Yeah, it is.

So, Coach, how strong is Westview this year?

A lot stronger than we are.

You already written Friday night down as a loss, Brock?

Well, not if I knew we could beat 'em.

Come here, Brock. You too, Jeremy.

- What? Am I in trouble now?
- Not yet.

I wanna see you do the death crawl again except I wanna see your absolute best.

What? You want me to go the 30?

- I think you can go the 50.
- The 50?

I can go the 50 if nobody's on my back.

You can do it with Jeremy on your back, but promise you're gonna do your best.

- All right.
- Your best.

- OK.
- You're gonna give me your best?

- I'm gonna give you my best.
- All right, one more thing.

- I want you to do it blindfolded.
- Why?

I don't want you giving up at a certain point when you can go further. Get down.

Jeremy, get on his back.

Now, get a good tight hold, Jeremy.

All right. Let's go, Brock.

Keep your knees off the ground.
Just your hands and feet.

A little bit left. A little bit left.

There you go. Show me good effort.

Thataway, Brock. You keep coming.

- There you go.
- Come on, Brock.

- Come on.
- It's a good start. Little bit left.

Little bit left. There you go, Brock.

Good strength.

You gotta be kidding me.

- That's it, Brock. That's it.
- Am I at the 20 yet?

Forget the 20. You give me your best.
You keep going. That's it.

Don't stop.
You got more in you than that.

I ain't done. I'm resting a second.

You gotta keep moving. Let's go.
Don't quit till you got nothing left.

There you go. Keep moving. Keep moving.

Keep moving.
That's it. You keep driving.

Keep your knees off the ground.
Keep driving it. Your very best.

Your very best. Keep moving, Brock.
That's it. That's it. That's it.

Keep going.
Don't quit on me. Keep going.

Keep driving it. Keep your knees off the ground. That's it.

Your very best.
Don't quit on me. Your very best.

Keep driving. Keep driving.
There you go. There you go.

That's it. You keep driving.
Keep your knees off the ground.

Don't quit till you got nothing left.

Keep moving, Brock.
That's it. That's it. That's it.

Keep going. I want everything you got.
Come on, keep going.

- It hurts.
- Don't quit on me. Your very best.

Keep driving. Keep driving.
There you go. There you go.

- He's heavy.
- I know.

- I'm about out of strength.
- Then find more strength.

Don't you give up on me, Brock.
You keep going, you hear me?

You're doing good. You keep going.
Do not quit on me. You keep going.

- It hurts.
- I know it hurts. You keep going.

It's all heart from here. 30 more steps.
You keep going, Brock. Come on.

- Keep going.
- It burns.

- Let it burn.
- My arms are burning.

It's all heart.
You keep going, Brock. Come on.

Come on. Keep going.
You promised me your best. Your best.

- Don't stop. Keep going.
- It's too hard.

It's not too hard.
You keep going. Come on, Brock.

Give me more. Give me more. Keep going.

Keep going, Brock.
Give me your best. Don't quit.

No. Keep going. Keep going.

Keep going. Don't quit. Don't quit.

Don't quit.
Brock Kelley, you don't quit.

Keep going. Keep going.

Go, Brock Kelley. You don't quit on me.
No, you keep going.

You keep going. Go, Brock.

Keep going. Don't quit.
Give me your heart.

- I can't do it.
- You can. You can.

Five more. Five more.

Come on, Brock. Come on.
Don't quit. Don't quit.

Come on. Two more. One more.

That's gotta be 50. That's gotta be 50.
I don't have any more.

Look up, Brock. You're in the end zone.

Brock, you are the most influential player on this team.

If you walk around defeated, so will they.

Tell me you can't give me more than what I've been seeing.

You just carried a 140-pound man across this whole field on your arms.

Brock, I need you.

God's gifted you with the ability of leadership. Don't waste it.

- Coach.
- Can I count on you?



- What is it, Jeremy?
- I weigh 160.

All right. Who's next?

Good practice, boys.
See you all tomorrow.

Hey, man, for the first time in a while,
I actually feel good about Friday night.

- Yeah? Why?
- I'm just on board with what you're doing.

If they get ahold of it, it'll change their lives.

You count me in.

Grant, me too.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I feel like I owe you an apology.

I just want you to know that I'm with you.

- Thank you.
- See you tomorrow.

- You need a ride, Matt?
- No, my dad's coming.

Or at least, he'd better be.

Can I shoot straight with you for a minute?

- Sure.
- I feel like you owe your dad more respect.

- Why?
- 'Cause he's your father.

- You don't know him like I know him.
- I don't have to.

You need to respect him because it's the right thing.

You know, Coach, my dad doesn't even like you.

He thinks the school needs to find somebody else.

That's beside the point.
Scripture says to honor your parents.

- And all you do is complain.
- All he does is boss me around.

He doesn't even try to understand me.

You can't judge your father by his actions and yourself by your intentions.

It doesn't work that way.
You're not responsible for him.

You're responsible for you. You honor
God by honoring your authority.

You really believe in all that honoring
God and follow Jesus stuff?

Yes, I do.

Well, I ain't trying to be disrespectful,

but not everybody believes in that.

Religion works for some people, but I'm just here 'cause I got kicked out of Westview.

Matt, nobody's forcing anything on you.

Following Jesus Christ is a decision you're gonna have to make for yourself.

You may not wanna accept him.

'Cause he'll change your life.
You'll never be the same.

I do hope one day you realize how much he loves you.

I'll see you tomorrow.

I'll get him. Give me the bag.
Bring that trash bag here. Set it down.

- Don't you let that touch me.
- I'm gonna get him out of here.

- Oh, man, he stinks.
- I can't believe that was in my house.

- Just make sure it's still dead.
- It's probably been dead for weeks.

You just get it out of here. Out. Out.

- Stop being a... Come here. Look at it.
- No.

It looks like a big hamster.
Come here, come here.

Don't be afraid. Just face your fear.
He's got a cute little tail there.

He's just got a big stink.
Look. See his cute little eyes there?

See his teeth? Look at his teeth.
Almost looks like he's mad.

You're terrible! I can't believe you did that to me, Grant Taylor.

You are so bad.

David, right down the middle.
You got this.

Right, set it up. Run it again.

- Sorry, Coach.
- David, listen, son.

You act like you're gonna miss before you even kick the ball.

We're gonna have to change your kicking philosophy.

Now, see, you're kicking wide left or wide right.

That ain't what's gonna get you home.

The ball has got to go through the middle.

- I know, Coach.
- No, you don't.

Now, what does Scripture say about this?

Scripture says, "Wide is the gate

and broad is the way that leads to destruction,

and many there be that find it."

Now, to us, that's wide left and wide right.

"But narrow is the gate and straight is the way that leads to life,

and few there be that find it."

Anybody can kick it wide left or wide right.

My mama can kick it wide left and wide right.

- But that ain't what's gonna get you home.
- Come on.

It don't have to look pretty.
It don't have to look smooth.

It can look like a dying duck.

But the ball has to go through the middle.

Oh, my word.

Now, David, you gonna have to choose the narrow way.

That's the only path where you will get your reward.

Now send this ball through these pearly posts. Set it up for me, Jonathan.

I've never heard it that way before, but there's a lot of truth to what he's saying.

Let's see you kick it.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Grant, are you not aware of what's going on outside on the field?

- What?
- You might wanna come check this out.

Mitch decided to bring his Bible class outside today.

Matt Prater stood up and accepted Christ as his Lord.

It was awesome. He started confessing stuff from his life,

asking his friends for forgiveness.

Next thing we know, Bob Duke stands up and does the same thing.

Kids break up into groups, they begin to pray for each other,

they ask forgiveness for sins they've committed.

This has been going on for three hours.
How did you not know what was going on?

Bless them in a special way.
Lord, I ask you to lift them up to you.

I ask you to bring up a generation that has a heart for you, Lord.


- I'm proud of you, Matt.
- I need to talk with my dad.

I'd like to go see him.

I'll take you right now.

So what we've done here is we've gained these four lots

by moving the retention pond down here.

- We could try and do that through here.
- No. I like this. That's perfect.

Mr. Prater, there's someone here to see you.

- Sarah, I'm in a meeting.
- It's your son.

- Would you like me to step out?
- No, it's OK.

Sarah, send him in.

- Matt, you OK?
- Sorry. I didn't know you were in a meeting.

What is it, son?

Dad, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for the way I've been acting.

I got right with God today

and I just needed to say

that from now on
I'll respect your authority.

Whatever you say goes.

That's it.

You know, I could come back tomorrow if that would be better for you.

No. It's OK.

I'm sorry. I...

For what it's worth,

I'd give my right arm to hear my son say that to me.

I feel like I'm standing before a new team tonight.

It's a new day and a new game.

What you've experienced in your hearts this week will be released on the field.

Stay humble but confident.

Why don't you take this one, Brock?

Lord, we know our lives are not about football,

but we do thank you for allowing us to play tonight.

We're gonna give you our best.

If we win, we'll praise you and if we lose, we'll praise you.

We'll give you all the honor and the glory for this night. Keep us safe.

- Amen.
- Amen.

All right, guys. Look at me.

Play hard, have fun.


In the Old Testament,
Nehemiah had the task of

building a wall around his city for protection.

But he didn't have enough people or resources or time.

Because each person worked on the wall in front of their house,

they got it done in record time.
That's what you're gonna do.

On defense you have to resolve nothing gets by you as an individual,

nothing gets by us as a team.

I need you to build me a stone wall.

Let's go. Let's go.

Run through like you're throwing yourself.

Come on. Hit somebody! I wanna see some hitting. I wanna see some hitting.

Dig those feet. Come on, you ain't on my team yet. You ain't on my defense.

You gotta dig those feet.
All right, Prater. Get in there, boy.

Hit him a little harder than that.

This ain't ballet practice.
This is football practice.



Double sweep pitch lift. Pro 45 fix.
Man, even a 26 Powerhouse.

- Man, these are some good plays.
- We're gonna run 'em.

We got all type of potential on this sheet. When?

We're gonna run 'em, I promise.

See, you always tell me you're gonna run 'em. You don't wanna run my plays.

Where's my car?

- Where'd you park it?
- Right here.

You sure?
'Cause there ain't no way it got stolen.

You couldn't pay nobody to steal your car.

- Did the boys do something with it?
- I don't know.

Hey, man, there's a note on this truck for you.

- What does it say?
- Let's see.

It says "Grant Taylor, the impact you made on our school

"means more to us than you'll ever know.

"The Lord has used you to meet a need in our lives

"and now we want to meet a need in yours.

"You'll find the title of this new truck in your name.

Please accept it as our way of saying thank you."

Somebody done gave you a truck?

Man, this title got your name on it.

You got to be kidding me.

Grant Taylor, somebody done gave you a new truck.

This is my truck?

Is this just 'cause you head coach?

'Cause I'm assistant coach.

You'd think I'd get a moped out of this or something.

Oh, Lord, you've given me a truck.

Well, it's your truck. Drive it.

Not a word to anyone.

Yes, sir.

That right.
No more jumper cables.

Brock. Brock.

- You watch him. You watch him.
- Sure.

- Go.
- Go. Go.

- Yes, sir? Can I help you?
- Please.

I'd like to buy a nice bouquet of wild flowers for my wife.

I see.
That's awfully sweet of you.

Oh, yes. I've got a special evening in mind for her tonight.

In that case, you need a card to go with those flowers.

I've got the perfect one. I'm gonna give it to her at her favorite restaurant.

Really? I'm sure she'll be happy.

She will. So I need your nicest, largest flowers, and money's no object.

- You see, I got a raise today.
- You did?

- $6,000.
- Are you serious?

That's the way my wife's gonna respond.



- That's awesome.
- You sure got friendly service here.

Hello again. This is Lane Lavarre, along with Dale Hansen,

coming to you tonight from Princeton Heights Academy,

the site of tonight's opening round of the GISA football playoffs.

For the first time in a decade,

the Shiloh Eagles are in postseason play.

Coach Grant Taylor's gonna have his hands full

as he takes on the Panthers, who haven't lost a game all season.

Huddle up. Stay sharp, stay focused, play hard and honor God.

- Eagles on three. One, two, three.
- Eagles.

So, after an impressive record,

the Shiloh Eagles fall short tonight in the first round of the GISA playoffs.

take it to the Shiloh Eagles.

I knew we were gonna get killed tonight.

Your effort was good tonight.
You've got nothing to be ashamed of.

You played hard. The Shilohs had their best season in a long time.

God's been good to us this year.

Guys, Coach is right.

We gotta praise God when we win and praise him when we lose.

Let's take a knee.


I wish by some miracle we could have won tonight.

They worked too hard to walk away with their heads down.

I was hoping God would give us just one win in the playoffs.

They deserved it.

If you'd told me two months ago we'd play Princeton Heights in the playoffs,

I would not have believed you.

If you'd told me our school was having a revival, I wouldn't have believed you.

- This ain't been a bad year.
- Got all the jerseys?

All 32 of 'em. But I ain't ready to put
'em up. I'm ready to go another round.

You and me both.
Part of me wanted to get to state.

- To state? Grant, are you serious?
- Why not? As hard as they worked?

Working hard is one thing, but to take this team to state?

- That'd take an act of God.
- Has he not been acting already?

He has, but do you know who's gonna be waiting for whoever gets to state?

- The Richland Giants.
- That's right.

Bobby Lee Duke will be there with his 85 players

ready to spank whoever made it to the state playoffs to kingdom come.

- I'm not afraid.
- I know you're not afraid.

'Cause you ain't going.

By the way, some man called looking for you.

- Who?
- Stan Shultz.

- Stan Shultz?
- Yeah.

- Stan Shultz. That the cartoonist?
- That's Charles Schulz.

Charles Schulz was that man that flew across the ocean

in the Spirit of St. Andrew.

That's Charles Lindbergh, and it was the Spirit of St. Louis.

- Lindbergh is a cheese.
- Limburger's the cheese.

Lindbergh's the man.

Lindbergh was that blimp that blew up and killed all them people.

That's the Hindenburg.

No, Hindenburg is where you go skiing in Tennessee.

- That's Gatlinburg.
- Gatlinburg...

You mean like the country music group, the Gatlinburg Brothers?

You guys are crazy.

Grant Taylor.

Well, Mr. Shultz,
I was told you were looking for me.

Yes. Am I sitting down?
Why do you ask?

Hey, Coach, what's going on here?

- Coach is on his way to let us know.
- All right.

Bring it in.

I want you to know I serve a big God and he can do whatever he wants to do.

He can open what he wants to and shut what he wants to.

A team that plays for his honor and glory will have his blessings.

Unlike those who try to cheat their way to the top, like Princeton Heights did

when they played two ineligible 19-year-olds.

They have been disqualified and we're in the next round.

Get your pads on for practice. We're going to war with Tucker Friday night.

Welcome to the GISA quarterfinals.

Who would have thought we'd be seeing the Shiloh Eagles tonight

in a contest against the Tucker Tigers?

With Princeton Heights disqualified,

this is an early Christmas present for Shiloh.

Offense, put it in the end zone.
Defense, build me a wall.

- Eagles on three. One, two, three.
- Eagles.

Blue, 18. Blue, 18.

Set. Hit. Hit.

David. This is your field goal.
It belongs to you. Put it through.




The Tucker Tigers are nursing their wounds

as they face the end of their season.

The Eagles, however, have a little farther to fly.

What kind of sick are we talking about?

I've just felt really nauseous the last two mornings.

- And then I feel fine again.
- You haven't eaten anything weird?

Not unless fruit and cereal's weird.

Brooke, my gut says make an appointment with the doctor.

I've been there three times this year.
It's getting embarrassing.

I'm just telling you what I would do.
You can even use my car.

With five seconds left, the score still stands in Oakhaven's favor

Grant Taylor calls the play to Zach Avery,

who pulls the huddle together for their last shot at going to state.

It's third down and goal for the Eagles and the crowd is going crazy.

They line up in an "i" formation.
This is do or die for the Eagles.

Zach takes the snap and will give it to Jacob... No, it's a fake.

He's got Nathan Markle open in the corner. The pass is up... He's got it.

Touchdown Eagles. Touchdown Eagles.

Zach Avery faked out the defense and made a perfect pass to win 20 to 17.

Can you believe this? The Shiloh Eagles are headed to the state championship.

A team with only 32 players has made it to the big dance. Oh, my.

On the eve of the GISA football state championship,

the Richland Giants prepare to defend their reign as lords of the gridiron.

It's no surprise they've returned.

What is surprising is who they're playing, the Shiloh Eagles,

who started the season 0 and 3, have come out of nowhere,

and through a bizarre set of circumstances

now face a team almost three times their size.

Sleep at all last night?

Are you nervous?

It's a weird emotion.

Part of me thinks we're gonna get crushed tonight,

part of me thinks
God may do something awesome.

Sounds like your fear's about to clobber your faith.

Something like that.

When are you going out there?

I might leave early, if that's all right.

Don't worry about me.
I'll just meet you at the game.


Either way, you're still playing for a state championship.

- Where's the duck?
- Duck.

- Zebra.
- Zebra.

Zebra. Cat.

- Cat.
- Meow.


- There's the pig.
- Brooke Taylor's here again.

Maybe she'll be pregnant this time.

I hope so.

- You ready, son?
- I can't find my cleats.

They're right here by the door.


Do you realize you're playing for the state championship?

I don't know why I'm so nervous.
I'm not even gonna play.

- You know I'm proud of you, don't you?
- Yes, sir.

Don't ever doubt it. Whether you play or not, I'll be there praying for you.

Thanks, Dad.

Let's go pick a fight with some giants.

Here's the results for B Taylor.

I'll take that.

- Negative?
- Yes.

I will still love you, Lord.

I will still love you.

All right, God. You got us here.

Whatever happens, may you get the glory.

- Coach, what are you doing here?
- You're at the state championship.

Any time a former player gets this far, you know I'd be there.

- It blows me away.
- How you feeling?

A little bit nervous. This championship, it's kind of surreal for me.

Yeah. I don't care what level of ball you're coaching,

it's surreal when you make it to the championship game.

Grant, I'm so proud of you and what you've done.

I've been reading about the team and where you've gone.

I'm just proud of the fact that you finally learned how to win the big one.

- We haven't played 'em yet.
- You won when you accepted Christ.

Now, as you're teaching these guys and minister to 'em, I think it's fantastic.

I got it. These players got it.

I promise, win or lose this game, you guys are champions.

- I appreciate that.
- But you might as well win it, huh?

I'm gonna try my best.
This team we're playing, they're huge.

They're fast, strong. I just don't want my players to be afraid.

Well, in God's word, he said

If he says it that many times, you know he's serious about it.

I guess so. I needed to hear that.

You're gonna do great tonight.
I know you're busy.

- I'm gonna go and cheer you on.
- Good to see you.

- All right. God bless you, man.
- Thanks, Coach.

In about five minutes we head out for the warm-up.

I wanna say two things.

Number one,
I love you and I'm proud of you.

I wouldn't trade this season for anything in the world.

Secondly, you're about to play the biggest team you've ever faced.

They're strong, fast and undefeated.

So far.

But I want you to remember where God has brought us.

I want you to remember how hard you've worked.

We weren't supposed to have a winning season, but we do.

We weren't supposed to advance through the playoffs, but we did.

We're not supposed to be here, but we are.

So if anything in you says this is a losing effort, throw it out.

'Cause as I stand here,
I believe that as long as we honor God,

nothing is impossible.


Leave everything out on the field.
Give your best to God tonight.

Whether we leave the field the victors or not, we will give God the glory.

Now, who will go fight the Giants with me?

You've gotta be kidding me.

The Giants elect to receive after the coin toss.

We're seconds away from the state championship game.

It is impressive that Shiloh has made it this far, but the field looks lopsided.

It definitely does.

as opposed to 32 for Shiloh.

Even if the Eagles had great talent, they can't bring in fresh players.

That's gonna hurt in the second half.

Let's go, Joshua.

The Eagles kick it off and the state championship game is underway.

Jerod House will receive the kick and he'll head down the field.

He breaks outside. But the Eagles will take him down around the 50-yard line.

The Giants will set up shop first down and ten, in good field position

to start this state championship game.

Get out there.

Come on. Let's go, boys.

Wes Porter will call the play for the Giants. He steps back to pass.

Damien Fuller's streaking down the sideline.

Fuller will take the pass, untouched, and the Giants strike early

with the first score.

Welcome to state championship football.

Hey, man, this is a whole new level.

They're quick off the line.
We've gotta stay back.

The Eagles will start this drive at the 19-yard line.

Zach Avery drops back to pass to Jeremy Johnson.

But the pass is batted down by the Giants.

That's the way we do it.

Avery hands it to Jacob Hall, who tries to run

but gets absolutely nowhere as he is swamped by defenders.

The Eagles look to pass, but here come the Giants.

That's gonna force the Eagles into a punting situation on fourth down.

They're getting desperate.

Jerod House will receive the kick and head down the field.

He breaks outside.
He's got some daylight.

OK. Ref, timeout.

The Eagles give up another sack.
They're gonna have to punt it away.

So far it's been all Richland.

- I should not have called that play.
- They're all over us. Nobody's open.

- They're knocking us around.
- They're getting cocky.

We cannot let them play their game.
Defense, blitz on first down.

We've gotta get them off their rhythm.
Let's go.


Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.

What universe are you in?
Get in the game.

So with a few seconds left in the first half,

the Giants were gonna take a three-touchdown lead,

but after an Eagles interception, we've got a 14 to 7 football game.

We can't keep running our normal plays.
Their defense is killing us.

I agree. We cannot outmuscle 'em and we cannot outrun 'em.

We've gotta outsmart 'em.

- Trick plays?
- Just enough to keep 'em guessing.

- You see another way?
- We can't use 'em too often, though.

- They catch on, we're toast.
- We're toast if we don't get points.

We have gotta make it through the fourth quarter and they got a deep bench.

First, we're still in the game. Good job on the defense getting us on the board.

They thought this would be a shutout.
We're gonna keep surprising 'em.

They've got power and speed, they're big,

but they're also predictable.

We have gotta stay together.

We can't outrun 'em, but we can outsmart 'em.

With the Giants leading 14 to 7, we get set to bring you the second half

of this state football game.

Unless the Eagles find a way to solve Richland's size and strength,

the Giants could be taking home their fourth consecutive state title tonight.

Make it work, Zach.

The Eagles come out with a little trickery.

They're just about to tie this football game.

Hustle, hustle. Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.

Make 'em pay, boys.
Make 'em pay.

Come on. That was dirty.

He's hurt.

Joshua Webster's being helped off the field

with we've been told is a broken collarbone.

That came after a late hit by the Giants after the Eagles tied the game.

- That was dirty.
- Calm down. Josh is gonna be all right.

David, come here.
You gotta cover for Joshua.

- I need 110%, OK?
- All right, Coach.

Be the man. Let's go.

After a long drive, the Giants score, but the Eagles prevent the conversion,

leaving this a 20 to 14 football game.

Why are they on the scoreboard?
They shouldn't even be in this game.

For the rest of your life, you will remember today.

I want you to remember you held nothing back, did not lose heart,

you did not stop fighting, you did not quit.

They're like little dogs nipping at your heels.

Now get out there and stomp 'em.

That's what I'm talking about.
That's my defense.

Let's go, Eagles. He's going for a pass.

The Eagles have shown the determination of a school twice their size.

The Giants will now attempt a 35-yard field goal to extend their lead.

That is the last time we go for a field goal.

We should be in the end zone every stinkin' time.

Double flex wall. Double flex wall.

And hit.

- What are you doing?
- Let's go. Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Good job. That's my team.

Coach, I need a rest.
I can't go much more.

Brock, I need you on that field.
You have gotta stay in the game.

Yes, sir.

David Childers is in to kick for Joshua Webster.

This is his first season.
He's gone three for four this season.

He's been limited to short-range kicks.

Come on, David. You got this.


Timeout, ref. Ref, timeout.

Coach, I'm done.
Someone else has gotta lead.

Brock, this is when it matters most.
I know you're tired.

It's easy to lead when you're strong.
But now is when you lead us, right now.

Can you give me four more downs?
I just need four more downs.

Four more.

All right, come here.

This is our time and you've got to put the nails in the coffin.

Look at me. We didn't fight this far to give up in the last quarter.

Leave everything on the field.

And field goals, they're not an option.

I need you for four more downs.
Who's with me?

Now get out there and get it done.

With less than two minutes left, the Giants stand on the verge

of their fourth straight consecutive state title.

A tired Eagles team lines up to face 'em yet again.

Stone wall. Stone wall.

Yes. Stone wall.

- Stone wall.
- Stone wall.

Stone wall. Stone wall.

The Giants line up first and goal.

This score will solidify the state championship.

Wait a minute. He is stopped.

The Eagles are still showing determination to fight this out.

Three more downs.

Three more.

You gotta hang with me. I know it's getting tough. We gotta stop 'em here.

It's second down and goal to go for the Giants.

The state title is within their grasp.

Both of the stands are on their feet as they get ready to run this play.

Wes Porter will take it.
No, the Eagles have stopped him again.

That's my team. That's my team.

Come on. Get it in the end zone.

Two more.

And here we go again.
They're gonna try it again.

Wes Porter will take the snap.
He's looking to pass into the corner.

But the Eagles bat down the pass.
The crowd is going nuts right now.

The Giants have been kept out of the end zone on three straight plays.

Now Bobby Lee Duke will have a big decision to make.

- We have gotta go for a field goal.
- We are not going for a field goal.

He's not taking it. Brock.
Brock, one more down. One more down.

Fourth down and the Giants are going for the touchdown.

This crowd is going absolutely berserk right now.

They line up at the one-yard line.
Wes Porter's gonna take the snap.

Brock Kelley's gonna meet him head-on...
And there's a fumble.

The Eagles have the football.
He's at the 40. He's at the 50.

He's at the 40. He'll be run out at the

With two seconds left, the Eagles have got a shot at this football game.

- We've got time for a Hail Mary.
- The defense is too strong.

We can't run it. That's our only option.

You gotta kick it, man.

David. I need a 51-yard field goal.

- Coach, I can't kick that far.
- They've stopped the pass all night.

- You're my best option.
- The furthest I've kicked is 39 yards.

There is no way
I can kick a 51-yard field goal.

I believe you can. Do the best you can.
Leave the results to God.

I need you on that field.

Field-goal unit.

We've gotta throw it.
He can't kick it. It's too far.

- No, it's not.
- What are you doing?

I'm preparing for rain.

I don't understand, but with two seconds left,

the Eagles are putting the game in the hands of a 145-pound backup kicker.

This is not a good move.
He even has to kick into the wind.



He's not ready.
He don't think he can do it.

I don't have any more timeouts.
Call a timeout, Bobby Lee.

- This kid can't kick that far.
- Call that timeout.

Call a timeout anyway and let's ice him.

David, come here. You're telling yourself you're gonna miss this kick.

Coach, it's too far.

Listen to me. Do you think
God could help you make this kick?

- Do you believe it, David?
- Yeah, if he wants to.

So do I. Give me your best and leave the rest up to him.

Will you do that for me?

Make this field goal or not, we'll praise him.

But don't you walk off this field having done any less than your best.

- Can I help you?
- Don't touch me.

I'm standing for my son.

God, help me make this kick.

Take it now. Take it now.


The kick is up. It's on its way.
It's long enough. It's high enough.

It's good. It's good. It's good.

- The Eagles have won the championship.
- Thank you, God.

I can't believe what I've just seen.
I cannot believe what I've just seen.

A miracle has occurred here.

The Shiloh Eagles have defeated the Richland Giants 24 to 23

to take the state title for the first time.

It's incredible.
It's absolutely unbelievable.

You are state champion.
You are state champion.

All right. You guys, who's the state champions?


I got something to say. David Childers.

Don't you ever let anyone tell you that you're under par,

second-rate or inferior.

I just watched God do a miracle through you.

I saw a field of Giants,

fall in defeat.

Now you tell me what's impossible with God.

Nothing, Coach.

Zach, I just watched you and the offense do what they said could not be done.

- Tell me what's impossible with God.
- Nothing, Coach.

Brock, how about it?
You built that stone wall and it stood.

- Tell me what's impossible with God.
- Nothing, Coach.

- Scott, what's impossible with God?
- Nothing.

Are you sure? Those Giants are big.
They outnumber us three to one.

Sure there's nothing impossible with God?

I'm sure, Coach.

- Nathan, what's impossible with God?
- Nothing, Coach.

- Jonathan?
- Nothing.

- Are you positive?
- Positive, Coach.

So am I. So am I.

God can do whatever he wants to do, however he wants to do it.

And he chooses to work in our lives
'cause he loves us, 'cause he's good.

Hope today's a milestone for what he can do for the rest of your life,

if you trust him.

Let's spend some time thanking him.

Look who just walked in this house.

Couldn't be the state champion coach
Grant Taylor, could it?

'Cause he's not supposed to live here.

He's supposed to be out looking for a job.

God did it, Brooke.

He did it.

He gave me this job,

provided for our needs,

took away my fear.

He throws in the state championship just 'cause he can.

It's been one of the best days of my life.

- The day's not over yet.
- What do you mean?

Grant Taylor, I just want you to know that you've made the team.

What team?

The daddy team.

We're gonna have a baby?

We're gonna have a baby.

You tell me, Coach Taylor,

tell me what's impossible when God's on your side?

Oh, God. Oh, God. I'm overwhelmed

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