Facing Poverty With a Rich Girls Habit

Topics: South Korea, Korean language, Koreans Pages: 3 (586 words) Published: July 19, 2015
Facing Poverty with a Rich Girls Habit
Elizabeth Pearson
Dorothy Hoerr
English Composition

The Writer of the essay I will be discussing is Suki Kim. She is the Author of ‘Facing Poverty with A Rich Girls Habit’. Suki Kim has to adapt to a new way of life after moving from a big Mansion in South Korea to a lower class neighborhood in America. Suki doesn’t understand that No matter where she lives in her heart she is the same person. Suki doesn’t realize that she doesn’t have to change her way of life just because she is in a different country. As time goes on, she realizes that there are other Koreans just like her. Her essay describes how she is taken from her glamorous life in a big mansion in South Korea and forced to move to Queens New York after going bankrupt. She Called Queens New York ‘The Wild West’. When living in the queens Suki Kim had a difficult time adjusting to the American way of life and language. The first words Suki Kim describes learning is F.O.B, Meaning ‘FRESH OFF THE BOAT’. The phrase was difficult for her to understand, because she flew to America. At the age of 13 she tells the audience about her first time using public transportation to get to school. It was very different from her life in South Korea where she was driven by a chauffeur. She was also embarrassed by having to use a public laundry mat to wash her family clothes.She was also comforted in her English as a second language sense their where others who also spoke Korean. After a while she starts to adapt to the American way and becoming more American but is still able to live her Korean lifestyle. She also speaks of’ hip hopping’ to usher just as much as she still likes her cultures music. I feel Suki Kim purpose for writing her essay was to inform other Koreans or any other cultures of kids that it is possible to adapt to another cultures way of life. She had a very hard time adjusting to the American way of life. Bu she is...
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