Facility Planning I

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Facility Planning – Part I
Neda Marilovic
March 12th, 2013
Royann Schmidgall

Facility Planning – Part I

John C. Lincoln health network includes two hospitals located in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as community programs, doctor’s offices and charity foundation. This network has twenty primary care sites throughout the city, and it is also implemented different accredited medical homes, nursing home primary care and Medicare ACO’s (accountable care organizations. John C. Lincoln Deer Valley hospital is one of them, located on the northwest side of the valley. It is a non-profit community hospital, with two hundred and four beds and private rooms for everyone’s comfort. This hospital has more than one thousand and three hundred employees that are dedicated professionals that work together to provide excellent inpatient and outpatient care. John C. Lincoln as a community network serves all backgrounds and variety of population and is committed to helping everyone in the valley. Hospital has a children’s emergency center, called Mendy’s place, open twenty four hours seven days per week, staffed with pediatric physicians and specialists. Mendy’s place center treats different variety of illnesses and injuries and it is equipped with child-size medical equipment and bright color furniture (John C. Lincoln Network, 2013). John C. Lincoln Deer Valley hospital provides care to everyone, but the average age in this area is thirty years old. About twenty eight percent of the population is kids and teenagers and about twenty two are adults older than fifty five (John C. Lincoln Deer Valley, 2012). Even though emergency department at this hospital was built just back in 2004 with all the private rooms in the facility, they still decided to renovate it and just recently. The reason why this hospital had to renew their Emergency Room floor was because of not enough space in the facility. Because of this problem patients had to wait a bit longer than is prudent....

References: John C. Lincoln Health Network (2013). The Emergency Department at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital. Retrieved from: http://www.jcl.com/medical-services/emergency/deer-valley-hospital
John C. Lincoln Deer Valley (2012). Community Health Needs Assessment. Retrieved from: www.jcl.com/.../deer-valley-hospital-community-health-needs-assessment-2012.pff
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