Facility Planning Part 1

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Facility Planning Part 1

Facility Planning Part One
Dwan Chatman
July 26, 2011
Ruth Ann Vaughn

Facility Planning Part One
The United States is facing a crisis with the rise in health care cost and the aging population suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses. As a result, hospital administrators are left to seek out methods to address these patients’ needs. The hospitals are trying networking, patterning with new physicians, and building additional outpatient treatment facilities to address the needs of the community, and the demographic area. In this paper the subject is to explain the community and facility need for Penn Medicine Rittenhouse to develop a new outpatient therapy clinic. Additionally, this paper will describe the population the clinic will service and will conclude with a description of the facility. Facility Need

Physicians and hospital administrators at the facility have begun to notice a rise in knee, spinal cord, and neurological conditions in the hospital (UPENN, 2011). They knew that many of their patients were either elderly or athletes who both disagree with long stays in a hospital. For the elderly patients, limited incomes were their primary reasons and the athletes simply do not have time to be confined to a hospital for rehabilitation. Many of them felt that having an outpatient rehabilitation and treatment center would benefit them in the long run. Penn Medicine conducted a study and found this information to be true. They in turn partnered with Good Shepherd Penn Partners and began developing a plan to combat these issues (UPENN, 2011). The partners wanted this facility to be close in destination and provide all of the services a fully functional in patient facility would have. When developing the plan for their facility they had to do a study on the population and demographics of the area surrounding the designated site in order to ensure the facility would meet the needs...

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