Facility Planing

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2.4 Doing facilities planning for a manufacturing facility is a positive exercise for a company in terms of its competitiveness with its competitors. The production flow can be examined by simulation and potential bottlenecks can be smoothed. Also a facilities plan for a manufacturing facility outlines the skill levels of employees required to operate the equipment on the manufacturing floor and it provides for the latest and best equipment to make the product. Companies that do not engage in facilities planning end up having uneven production flows improper labor skills and either too much or too little labor on the floor and outdated equipment that must be heavily maintained. These problems as well as many others that could be eliminated by facilities planning cause companies to lose their competitive edge over their competitors.

3.9 Part X requires machining on a milling machine (operations A and B are required). Find the number of machines required to produce 3500 parts per week. Assume the company will be operating 5 days per week, 18 hours per day. The following information is known:

Operation Standard Time Efficiency Reliability Scrap
A 2 min. 95 % 95% 2%
B 4 min. 95% 90% 5%
note: The milling machine requires tool changes and preventive maintenance after every lot of 400 parts. These changes require 30 min.
OB = 2500 parts per week
I B =
1 0.05

=2632 parts per week
O A =I B
I A =
1 0.02

=2686 parts per week
H= available time – maintenance
2% 5%

available time = 5days/week*18 hours/day*60 min/hour = 5400 min/week maintenance time = *30
2686 =201.45 min/week
H = 5400 min/week – 201.45 min/week = 5198.55 min/week F A=
Q SA A =
5189.55* 0.95* 0.95
2686 * 2 = 1.145 machines
F B =
Q SB B =
5198.55* 0.95* 0.90
2632 * 4 = 2.369 machines
F=F A + F B = 1.145+2.369 = 3.51 ≅ 4 Milling Machines
3.11 Given the following, what are the...
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