Facilities Operations and Management

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Unit 18 Facilities Operations and Management

Task 1
Envisage about scenario that you were one of the directors of a hotel as stated below. Search information about the hotel facilities and the operational responsibilities of a facilities manager.

Tai O Heritage Hotel is a small sized 3-star hotel located at the northwest of Lantau Island. The building was a police station which was built on the small hill next to a ferry pier about 90 years ago. It ceased to operate in 2002. Hong Kong Heritage conservation Foundation Limited restored the site and renovated it into a modern hotel with the right facilities and services.
Introduction of Tai O Heritage Hotel
Tai O Heritage Hotel is located in Tai O. Before it developed into the hotel, it is a police station on the small hill next to Tai O Ferry Pier. It is to reinforce the police forces on Lantau Island. As it is one of the earliest police stations on the outlying islands of Hong Kong, it was established to combat pirates prevalent in the neighboring waters. Yet, the policemen’s lives did not centre around crime as such, rather, it served as administrative centre. The police had quite a community role of the rural setting in Tai O. They were brought into help with family disputes and arguments between villagers. The Tai O Heritage Hotel is a colonial-style parlour, represents the vintage architectural charm of the late 19th century. Preserving the original beauty of the Old Tai o Police Station, the Tai O Heritage Hotel is well-appointed and classically furnished. Guests can experience an authentic taste of a historical heritage which is not commonly seen elsewhere. In its efforts to minimize the impact of renovation on the existing structure, the Tai O Heritage Hotel has spared no expenses in restoring the original beauty of the Old Tai O Police Station.

Think of a situation that you are one of the directors of the hotel management team. Please suggest a plan to assess the engaged in facilities operations of the hotel. Staff
Facilities manager have to take responsibility to the staff. Facilities managers need to manage the department of the hotel. Especially they need to do recruitment and selection of employees. Recruitment

First, they need to point out the posts that needed to be fill, number of persons, duties to be performed and qualification required of the employees. Then, they need to have a brief job description and person specification. Third, use advertising or other method to spread out the information. Next, short-listing and identify the prospective employee with required characteristic. Then, arrange the interviews with the selected candidates. Last, conduct the interview and make decision. Selection

According to your required qualification, specification and performance in the interview to select the right person to employ and fill in the company’s vacancy. Employment terms and conditions
It is the condition that an employer and employee agree upon for a job. Terms of employment include an employee's job responsibilities, work days, hours, breaks, dress code, vacation and sick days and pay. They also include benefits such as health insurance, life insurance and retirement plans. Employees whose skills are in higher demand will have an advantage when negotiating terms of employment. Example of Tai O Heritage Hotel

To have a sustainable development, they provided more job opportunities for the Tai O villager and the priority of recruitment will be adjust for the Tai O villagers.

Training and development (Appraisal)
A performance appraisal (PA), development discussion, or employee appraisal is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated. Performance appraisals are a part of career development and consist of regular reviews of employee performance within organizations. The performance appraisal helps to know about the employees and prepare some on-job training for them. Keep their strength and...

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