Facilities Management

Topics: Hotel, Bed and breakfast, Lodging Pages: 11 (2249 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Design of lodging facilities


Sindhuja Mahadevan

MBA III semester / Batch B


- Introduction to lodging
- Facilities of lodging
- Lobby
- Entrance of the hotel
- Lighting
- Facilities in the lobby
- Elevators
- Floor plan
- Types of rooms
- Communications
- Switchboard
- Water supply
- Electrical supply
- Fire safety
- Smoke detectors
- Back of the office areas
- Conclusion

Design of Lodging Facilities

Introduction to lodging:
Hotels as we know them now with private rooms, elegant lobbies, restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, recreation facilities and back-of-the-house components evolved in 1829 . Later part of the Nineteenth century marked the beginning of application of technological innovations like centralized heating, indoor plumbing, gas, electricity, lighting, elevators, phones and more. The hotels and resorts became centers of social activity. Then hotel segmentation began. Lodging is a type of residential accommodation. People who travel and stay away from home for more than a day need lodging facility. Lodging is done in a hotel, hostel, a private home (commercial, i.e. a bed and breakfast, a guest house, a vacation rental, or non-commercially, with members of hospitality services or in the home of friends), in a tent, caravan/camper

Facilities of lodging:

Lodging facilities include,

- Guest room
- Lobby
- Food and beverage outlets
- Recreational facilities
- Administrative offices
- Food production area
- Back of the house areas

Back of the house:

- receiving and trash
- general storage
- employee areas
- laundry
- housekeeping layout
- maintenance and engineering
- banquets

Lobby: Lobby is one of the most prominent public space in a hotel. It also serves as a gathering spot. A lobby adds to the image of the hotel and also serves many obvious functional requirements. Front desk will be located in the lobby, where check in and check out of the guests happen. Lobby will always be monitored by lobby manager to avoid commotion and to help the guests with directions and with other needs.

Entrance of the hotel:

The entrance of any hotel plays a major role in the creating an impression about the property in the minds of valuable customer. There will be more than three entrances to reduce traffic and also to differentiate visitors from guests. All the entrances will definitely demand security officers to uphold the safety of the guests and others in the hotel. Some of the entrances are:

- Main hotel entrance
- Banquet entrance
- Restaurant entrances
- Spa entrance
- Entrance for shuttles
- Entrance for business centre.

Main entrance should have a lot of space which will enable the guests to get off from their vehicle to unload and embark their luggages. Since many hotels are located in the downtown lot of space will help the guests from meeting with accidents. Entrances will be facing the busy street of the city where traffic will be non-stop, adequate space will help the guests with many kids to be at peace. Appropriate decoration for different entrances should be done to portrait the features of that particular place. Lighting at the entrance as well as in the hotel should be prominent in the same way it should be of contemporary trends with latest technology to attach guests. Adequate and correct signage’s should be put up that are visible to direct the guests, even after the proper signs if the guest are found lost, the employees in the lobby will help them .

Entrance s for the physically challenged people should be designed in such a way that they feel comfortable with their access. Slope should be free from any destruction which will create problems while rolling wheel chairs. The doors...
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