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Individual Report
Managing Hotel and Resort Facilities 

Student Number : 201413938
Unit No. : HTL301
Unit Title: Managing Hotel and Resort Facilities 
Lecturer: Ms. Jennifer Davey
Due Date: 25 February 2015

Table of Contents
Summary of Articles3
1.Article 1 – “LEDs: More Guest Satisfaction and Higher Profitability”3 2.Article 2 – “Sustainability Makes Design Impression in Oregon Hotel's Bathrooms”4 3.Article 3 - “Hardwood and Tile in Meeting Rooms Flooring Design”5 4.Article 4 – “Upscale Fabrics Make Travel More Beautiful”6 5.Article 5 – “Carpet; Trends on a Budget, A New Look in Carpet Design”7 6.Article 6 – “Walls That WOW”8

7.Article 7 – “Stone Surfaces Popular Durability, Variety of Styles”9 8.Article 8 – “Types of Glass for Buildings”10

The hotel has always tried to follow the latest trends in the hospitality industry. Relate to technology, facilities, and design interior of the hotel. This report discusses some of the key building systems that have an impact on managing the hotel facilities. Among them are associated with: - Building materials: flooring materials, fabrics, wallcoverings, glass, stone - Water supply: the dual flush systems

- Electricity supply: LEDs
In addition, the hotel also has a few things to consider before choosing building systems. In terms of: - Safety
- Environmental sustainability
- Operational Efficiencies
- Cost Effectiveness
Customize to the demand of the hotel, not merely to follow the trend, but the benefits afforded by the building material itself.

Summary of Articles
1. Article 1 – “LEDs: More Guest Satisfaction and Higher Profitability” Nowadays, most of the spaces in the hotel are using LEDs for the lighting, both indoor and outdoor. For examples: -Indoor: Guest rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, corridors, stairwells, etc. -Outdoor: Wall packs, flood lights, and parking lot.

Commonly outdoor lights are on 12 hours a day so that the required high wattage light bulbs made from metal halide or high-pressure sodium. LEDs are the ideal solution that can be use as an alternative. By using LEDs as lighting can diminish energy costs rather than traditional light sources. In addition, LEDs also can create the atmosphere of the room more comfortable so as to improve guest satisfaction. Analysis of article:

Long lifespan
LEDs offer efficiency in durability without replacing it for 11 years or 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent lighting and about 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting. No bulb replacements, no ongoing disposal program, maintenance-free operating life. Cost effectiveness

Use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting LED lights offer the highest energy savings, the quickest payback time and the highest ROI in these applications. 2. Article 2 – “Sustainability Makes Design Impression in Oregon Hotel's Bathrooms” Oxford hotel has a concept of echo-chic and the hotel has a mixed environment-friendly design elements. One of the examples is the guest reception counter feature recycled and handcrafted glass slabs. For the bathroom, Oxford hotel offers a shower, soaking tub, sink and low flow fixtures, as well as dual flush toilets housed with separate water closet. Which gallons is 1.8 liquids for the large flush and 0.9 gallons of liquids for the small flush. With using the dual flush, system can save approximately 45000 gallons of water per year only with implementing the system in one of the waterless urinals. Imagine how many hundreds of thousands of gallons of water saved per year by using the dual flush system. Analysis of Article:

Cost effectiveness
With implementing the dual flush system in the hotel can save money on the water bill. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 4,000 gallons of water can save per year per residential household that employs dual flush toilets. Environment...

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