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I. Introduction

Richville Corporate Tower Condominium is a vertical subdivision on a parcel of a land and multi-storey building structured erected there on from the ground floor upward each floor consists of two or more separate and independent rooms for residence (exclusive for residential condominium) to two or more separate office units in commercial condominium. The room or unit belong to the owner and a group of selected by units owners among themselves in accordance with the condominium law administers the entire project. In a condominium community, it is established for most intent and purposes by the developer. This is true because the developer is responsible for the creation and filling the basic legal document such as SEC registration, business permit, BIR registration and SSS registration, when governs numerous aspects of the condominium community’s service at lowest cost.

II. Company Name and Address

III. Company Profile
Historical Background of the Company
Richville Corporate Tower Condominium Association Incorporated was established during the turn over last October 1998 with its single detached house ay Ayala, Alabang. Before, the company was named “South –West Tower Inc.” but the owner decided to move to another are and thus, sold it to Mr. Rolando Yatco Garcia, who named RCTCAI instead. With only handful basic equipment, few workers like Mr. Garcia and his colleagues worked as a team, each one contributing his experience and expertise, putting in long working hours. Their persistence and hardwork paid off when the corporation flourished in the business of developing and constructing on its acquired properties. Given a privilege to explore and develop new ideas, the company’s success was derived from the management and each key personnel’s creative thinking. The main target of Richville Corporate Tower Condominium Association, Inc. is the businessmen and women of Ayala-Alabang Village since it is one of Manila’s most elite villages. The owners and associates of Richville Tower Corporate Tower Condominium Association, Inc. believed that property development help foster economic growth. The company seeks to maximize its contribution to the national economy through its continuing support and active participation in regional growth through property.


Organizational and Management
The Richville Corporate Tower Association Incorporated places a high premium on dedication for work and services, employee’s development and growth by providing training and education. The company is able to obtain maximum results in the market because it provides a framework in which operations are streamlined and responsibilities are properly delineated. In the administration, teamwork and healthy working relationship are very visible. When one of the employees is on the leave, one will take charge of all the task of that employee who is on leave. The company also pays attention to empowerment by being strict with the management policy and regulations to enable the people to be more skillful, effective and efficient. Moreover, the company is practicing high standard quality such as well trained employee, knowledgeable and impressive with the performance to meet the demands for each client.

Management Policies
The management building policies strictly implement the following ID systems, no smoking policy, garbage disposal policy, no signage and storage policy, food deliveries policies, hauling of deliveries policy, dress code policy, second floor ramp roll up gate policy etc.

Employment Regulations
Richville Corporate tower Condominium Association, Incorporated aims to provide its clients with the highest standard of services to achieve the management personnel must be physically, mentally, and morally capable...
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