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Facilities & Property Management

Assignment 2

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* 1. Identifying Elements and Evacuation Plans
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* 2.Disaster Management Framework
* 2.1Pre-Event
* 2.2Prodromal
* 2.3Emergency
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* 2.4Intermediate
* 2.5Long Term Recovery
* Conclusion
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A hotel property is constructed to meet the needs of a growing community. With increasing disasters affecting properties in the world caused naturally or by human. It is essential to know how to maintain the property to minimize or avoid these adverse effects. Without the proper knowledge of facilities and property management, a property could encounter major problems from a small scale, to a disastrous event occurring. Within this case study I intend to prepare a “Disaster Management Framework” (DMF) which will address the pre event, prodromal, emergency, intermediate and long term recovery process. I will also address whether profitability will either bring a gain or loss to the property at the time of renovation and recovery, and the effects of stakeholders who have invested huge capital expenditure. 1. A hotel property needs to prepare for the worst for any disasters that may occur. Within the first stages of a hotel, goals are set to be accomplished whether it is profit maximization, sales maximization or bran establishment. All of these are not only important to management, but also to the interested stakeholders each with massive implications if a disaster damages or destroys a hotel property. One of the most important items for a property to have to prepare for this is an evacuation plan. There are many different ways of how management creates one depending on factors such as location, building size and occupancy, but they all intend to save people’s lives. Policies and procedures must be accurate in order for the evacuation plan to work correctly. As the manager I would consider factors such as;

* Conditions underlining which evacuation procedures are necessary i.e. I would want all my staff to respond differently to different threats. For example employees will be told to report to an area outside if there were a fire, however not if a tornado was threatening the building. * Routes and exits need to be displayed on a map, and exit lights should be present and visible for employees to follow. They must also not expose the evacuating personnel to more hazards. * Allocate wardens in the workplace and train them to understand the evacuation plan. They act as guides to aid those in need of escaping the hotel safely, especially those who have disabilities and minor English speaking skills. * When everyone has hopefully escaped and assembled to the designated evacuation area a headcount would be taken. If anyone was missing then their last known location would be the main priority. (Evacuation Plans and Procedures, 2010)

2. Disaster Management Framework

There are many factors I would personally take into consideration if the hotel property I managed was affected by an earthquake. The stages I would need to take into consideration would be Pre event, prodromal, emergency, intermediate, and long term recovery.

2.1Pre Event

The employees of the property would need to fully understand the actions required in the event of an emergency. Civil Defence (2011) advices that everyone must know the drop cover and hold drill positions.

* Drop or take Cover under a sturdy piece of furniture * Hold on, or shelter against an interior wall far from windows, bookcases and other dangerous heavy items.

A plan would be specifically made for the event of an earthquake. I would take these into consideration for the plan prior to the earthquake. * All employees understanding the drop, cover and hold drill * Employees would be told not to go outside and not to use an elevator during an...
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