Faces of Evil - The Dark Knight trilogy

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Faces of Evil in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

In the past 8 years Christopher Nolan directed three movies about the story of Bruce Wayne. He is a billionaire disguised as Batman, who decided to fight the evil in Gotham. Consecutive movies of the Trilogy introduce new villains: Ra’s Al Ghul, Joker and Bane, all of them with similar intention – to unleash chaos and anarchy upon Gotham city. Batman struggle to stop them from doing so, and has to adapt to their differing approaches. Those villains inflict evil in different way, and thus create an overarching theme of the trilogy: Fear, Chaos and Pain, which will be clarified later in this essay. Christopher Nolan was innovative during production of the Batman Trilogy. He pictured Bruce Wayne and other characters in slightly different way than they appear in comic books. Nolan attempted to make Batman universe more “real” by reducing supernatural or science-fiction elements, and alter the features of characters to be more human-like. The Nolan’s Trilogy is also extraordinary, because the movies focus more on themes, society and relation between characters than fight. Fear is the leading theme in Batman Begins. Bruce Wayne has to face and overcome his deepest fears, embrace them, in order to fearlessly stand against his enemy. Batman’s nemesis is Ra’s Al Ghul, who leads a mysterious group, the League of Shadows. His master plan is to purge the evil of this world, which may be righteous purpose, but is fulfilled with cruelty and brutality – an evil itself. Gotham was the next target, which is in this movie an epicenter of crime and depravity. Bruce Wayne know that there are still good people in Gotham and the city can still be fixed, but it is a fact Ra’s Al Ghul ignored, because he only aims for greater good. He doesn’t care for single units that did not contribute to the omnipresent evil. Batman has to fight with Ra’s Al Ghul and his agent, Scarecrow. Their weapon is fear, in form of a toxin, which they...

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