“Faceless on Facebook"

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Not Being Themselves
In Kate Beal’s essay “Faceless on Facebook” she argues that the “profile” section is less about the real you and more about what you want people to think about you”. She has a point because that is true about me, and I know a lot of other people who do not act themselves on Facebook.

The profile section is where people post a status and where people can see what others have written on our wall. I have a Facebook account and I have some of my family added. I don’t want my family to see what my friends post on my wall, nor do I want them to see who I talk to. My best friend and I talk about guys and other girl stuff, and I am afraid my family will think I have a boyfriend or something like that. I do not want them to know the real me because they may not approve of what I am telling other people. Another thing is that someone may not always be the same person on Facebook. No one can be sure about who someone is really talking to. Now and days people tend to make false Facebook’s. By making a fake Facebook, they add people who they do not get along with just to see what that person is up to, and who they talk to, that is why I always think twice before accepting a friend request and sending a friend request.

There’s other thing Facebook users do called TBH. Someone will post a status which says “Like My Status and I’ll be honest”. So when a person likes the other person’s status they go write something honest on their wall. Well most people write something totally fake. For example, I have a friend on Facebook and I heard she cause me ugly. When I liked her status, she wrote on my wall “you’re really pretty”. She was making herself seem like she was a really nice person by calling me pretty.

From my personal experiences with Facebook, I’ve learned that people will get into fights with you. They think they are tough sitting behind a computer screen threatening someone. The will put “I am...

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