Facebook Privacy Issues

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Facebook Privacy Issues Research Paper

March 8th 2011

I will begin my paper by letting it be own that according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, approximately what percentage of U.S. adult Internet users age of 18 and older have a profile on an social network site? The most likely answer to that is around 35 percent of internet users. There are many social web sites like MySpace, twitter, yahoo, and many others, but I want to focus more on Facebook. I want to focus more on Facebook’s privacy Issues. I have Facebook, but I don’t just let anybody on my page. Plus, I do not care at all to use my real name on social web sites like Facebook because these social web sites can be very damaging and very dangerous as Facebook has been at the enter of a lot of drama and violence lately. I also like many other people do not put my address and telephone number for all to see even with the very small few people that I do have on my page. I just feel it is a very stupid thing to do. But you do have those who do put all of this personal information on Facebook, and they have their pages open to everyone. It is really not so smart, and it is very unsafe. What type of example does that set for your children if you have any? My answer to that would be not a very good or safe one. Even though Facebook have all these wonderful privacy settings that you can place on your account, it is sad to say that not many people are using Ethical Common Sense when they are online. There is another thing that I do find disturbing, and that is a lot of Facebook user post their every move on Facebook. For the life in me, I do not understand that one at all. However, there was one issue where Facebook save a young black guy from being wrongly accused of a crime. How? He was at home posting him status on Facebook at the very moment...

References: George W. Reynolds, “Ethics in Information Technology, Third Edition”
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