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Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook on Febuary 4th, 2004. Facebook has grown globally and used every day by approx. 1 billion users. Originally known as facemash, and thefacebook.com, facebook has overcame many challenges to become what it is today. Facebook was originally created for college students to share and compare notes at Harvard University.

As of 2010 Facebook was the 3rd largest company known worldwide, surpassing ebay in mid 2010. Anyone can become a user on the social network worldwide with a minimum age of 13 years old. Even though some users are under the age. As long as you have internet access you can become a facebook user and connect with anyone around the world. Facebook has multiple languages to choose from as well as locations and a wide range of countries you live in.
In Dec. of 2013 there was a record of 1.23 billion users worldwide. Even though facebook has been banned in many countries for multiple reasons. In Jan. of 2014 facebook recorded 168.8 million users in the United States, 62.6 million users in India and 40.2 million users in Mexico. The social network is like a social melting pot for the globe.

Facebook has multiple uses from games to blogs. It also uses things like instant messaging which is worldwide. In 2011 Zuckerberg created a way of leaving voice messages on facebook. You are able to leave comments on other users pages and “walls”. Users are able to convert messages in foreign languages to their natural language to translate words.

Facebook users can subscribe to pages globally. Sharing anything from business pages, to recipes, to jokes, and even daily thoughts or events. On facebook you can invite people from anywhere around the world to an outing, cookout, party, or any type of event. Zuckerberg made it possible for even politicians to use facebook as campaign promoting. Users can also reunite with lost family or missing family or friends.

On facebook you can become “friends” with...
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