Facebook in Bangladesh

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This research work has been carried out on Facebook and its impact on the people of Bangladesh. We have explained in this study how Facebook has enabled social interactions to be personalized and diversified.


Research Question

In what ways do “Facebook” help the Bangladeshi people to personalize and diversify social interactions with their friends and family through the Internet?

Facebook is one of the most popular Social Network Sites (SNS) in Bangladesh. It basically helps to maintain contacts with friends and family very easily. A Facebook-user can make an online profile, add friends, and post each other comments, send gestures, drinks, photos, articles, videos and several other elements using the numerous applications that offer a variety of modes of contacting people. Facebook users can learn about each others’ interests, likings, hobbies, taste in music, relationship status etc. As the usage of internet is exponentially increasing in Bangladesh, Facebook has become a very popular site for social interactions through the internet especially among high school, college and university students. This research has been done from the Bangladeshi context.


The research has been carried out using a quantitative survey. The questionnaire consisted of 30 close-ended questions. A random sample of 200 people was taken. The age group was 15 to 30 years. Each of them was given a questionnaire set. The obtained results have been represented in graphical forms. The 30 questions have been divided into ten sections. Four Case Studies were also done on two females and two males. The Case Studies were aimed to given us a better understanding of the results that were obtained from the questionnaire survey. Both the quantitative survey and the case studies have been analyzed to investigate the ways in which Facebook aids the personalization and diversification of social interactions with friends and family.

The survey could also have been carried using only qualitative methods. But then the sample size will have to be lessened. As the population for this research is quite large, surveying with only a small sample size will not provide sufficient and satisfactory answers to what ways that Facebook helps us to socialize. Hence we have carried out a quantitative survey along with four case studies to investigate this research work.

Facebook has caused a massive impact on the social interactions of people, especially in Bangladesh. Every other person that we see around us within the age group of 15 to 30 years has an account in Facebook. This research intends to investigate the following hypothesis:


 Hypothesis 1: Facebook has imposed alterations to the way the Bangladeshi people socialize with friends and family.  Hypothesis 2: Facebook aid to personalize the social interaction in various ways.  Hypothesis 3: The mode of social interaction with people has now taken a much diversified form via Facebook. This study should give us a better understanding of the changing online interactions of the Bangladeshi people.

Literature Review
Basic information on Facebook
Name Type Founded Facebook, Inc. Private Cambridge, Massachusetts (February 4, 2004)

Headquaters Palo Alto, California Key People Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO Dustin Moskovitz, Co-founder Sheryl Sandberg, COO Matt Cohler, VP of Production Management Revenue Employees US $ 150 million (Estimated) 500 (till March 2008) (Wikipedia)


History of Facebook
Facebook is a social networking website launched on February 4, 2004. The website is owned and operated by Facebook, Inc., the privately held parent company of the website. The free-access website...
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